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Onrush Review | Driven To Exhilarate

Marcus slammed and drifted all throughout Onrush. Does the vehicular madness satisfy his racing crave? He definitely thinks so.

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Could We See a New Dead Island Game at E3?

Word on the street is Sumo Digital has been pumping life back into Dead Island 2, despite the lack of evidence.

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Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Gets a New Publisher and Aims for a 2018 Release

YS.Net and Deep Silver have just signed a collaboration that will bring Shenmue 3 to us next year.

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Agents of Mayhem Review | Sons of the Saints

Agents of Mayhem, reviewed on PS4, is the game for you if love silliness, cheesy Saturday morning cartoons, and want some interactive junk food.

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All The Games Confirmed For E3 2017 So Far

The big show is almost upon us but what games are sure to be there? Check out the full confirmed list.

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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is Still Happening

Despite the lack of news for over a year now, Deep Silver confirms that Dead Island 2 is still alive.

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Deep Silver Speaks: Metro 2035 Won’t Happen in 2017

A timeline on the Metro 2035 book site was signalling the arrival of a new Metro game next year. Deep Silver has just released a statement that rules out that possibility.

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King of Fighters XIV Review | A Fighter’s Fight

Six long years have passed since the King of Fighters series has been a relevant part of the gaming community. On August 23rd, King of Fighters XIV returns to the spotlight – but did the hiatus do more harm than good?

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Dead Island 2 Gets New Developer

Dead Island 2 is still happening, and Deep Silver has finally found a new developer to work on it.

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Dead Island

Dead Island Definitive Edition Confirmed for Current-Gen

The Dead Island franchise is both treading water and paddling ahead with upgraded version of the franchise incoming. Well, most of the franchise at least.

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Homefront: The Revolution Has a New Trailer and a Release Date

Deep Silver has revealed an online co-op mode called “Resistance Mode” for Homefront: The Revolution with a new gameplay trailer to show it off in style.

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Homefront: The Revolution’s Gamescom Trailer Shows Off a Gritty World

The sequel to the 2011 shooter Homefront returned to Gamescom 2015 with a fancy new trailer showing off a dark, but hopeful world.

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Dead Island: Definitive Edition Listed by Retailer

As one of the most enjoyable zombie titles to date, 2011’s Dead Island looks to have an eighth-gen Definitive Edition on the way.

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