New Virtual Reality Competition Launching this year from VRTGO and nDreams

If you are an up and coming Virtual Reality developer, then this is the competition hosted by VRTGO and nDreams for you.

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BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition Has First Female Winner

This year Rhianna Hawkins becomes the first female to win at the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition. Maybe this will signify a shift in the male-dominated gaming industry.

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Fanatical Fashion | Winners Of The Last Of Us Design Competition

Back towards the end of last year, Naughty Dog announced a The Last Of Us design contest. Not only would the winners have their designs …

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Mountain Dew "Energy" Teams with Halo 4!

It seems to be a bit of an annual thing now, as the flavor has become very popular in it’s limited runs. Thus, it has …

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Is Nintendo Copying Sony?

In this generation, it seems companies would do just about anything to be on top. From stealing, or mimicking ideas that are popular. A recent patent …

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Activision Announces Indie Competition Winners

Activision’s Independant Games Competition pushes innovation and new ideas in the realm of interactive entertainment, and at the same time rewards those willing to do …

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The Google+ Project: Competition for Facebook?

Could this be Facebook’s newest competitor? Introducing Google’s newest project: Google+ one of the newest social media networking site soon to be used by every …

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First Annual Miss NeRDSTOMP Competition is a gaming site that strives to bring gamers honest opinions and updates regarding today’s most popular games and events. NeRDSTOMP has just announced …

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I will wife the $#!t out of this house!

It’s one of my many goals in life to be a kick-ass house wife. Not like subservient and wearing mom-jeans and wiping snot from kids’ …

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