The Google+ Project: Competition for Facebook?

Could this be Facebook’s newest competitor?

Introducing Google’s newest project: Google+ one of the newest social media networking site soon to be used by every Google user known to man.

We have all heard of Facebook and Google. They don’t really get along very well. Microsoft has recently invested millions of dollars in Facebook. Microsoft being a high competitor of Google now has a new social networking site to compete against. Google is known to be one of the largest, most informative and resourceful places on the internet. Using the Google+ project, Google will take aim at social networking sites like Facebook.

Google+ has a very similar look and feel to it. There has been much speculation on the familiar look of it that is comparable to Facebook. People that choose to try out Google+ as a social networking site have many different options and features that other social sites lack. Users are able to access 5 basic features in Google. These features are called Sparks, Circles, Hangouts, Instant Uploads and Huddle. Each of these different components will be accessed by a Google profile and lets you do much more than what Facebook offers.

Sparks” is a feed feature that is comparable to a RSS or Facebook news feed. You input information you are interested in and it gives you content relevant to what you were interested in. This will help keep spam and unwanted content from being in your feed.

Circles” is the feature where you can put many different contacts into different groups. You also have the ability to make updates and posts to people just in those contact groups so information doesn’t go out to everyone in you contact list unless you want it to. This prevents contacts from reading updates they might not care for.

Hangouts” features a video chat that can have up to 10 people per chat. You also have the ability to contact and update those people with certain information just like you would in the circles feature.

Instant Uploads” takes you to your mobile phone with using it with Google+. This is a feature of being able to have all your videos and photos uploaded to a private album that you can then distribute and share with whomever, whenever.

Huddle” is the group text messaging feature we all have been waiting for. Facebook lacks this feature and keeps changing their current chat features. This saves you time from communicating on your phone through individual messages.

The Google+ Project is still in its testing process. Though, you are able to log into your current Google account and sign up here to be informed when testing is open. Many of the features that are included in Google+ have been found on a social networking site before… but not all of the same features in the same place. That is what Google+ has over Facebook and other social networking sites.


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