New Virtual Reality Competition Launching this year from VRTGO and nDreams

If you are an up and coming Virtual Reality developer, then this is the competition for you. Secret Sauce has organized a very beneficial competition, created by VRTGO and nDreams, for anyone who is starting their journey in the VR field or is looking for their start in this new form of gaming and entertainment development.

The criteria for this competition is fairly simple. The two companies are looking for those who are new to the field, you must record a demo of your project that is no more than 2 minutes long, and they want to see a project that has been worked on for at least 12 months. VRTGO and nDreams are looking for Virtual Reality developers that have a rough draft of what their project will look like in the end.

VRTGO VR competition

The judging panel for this competition will be including some impressive names from the industry. The CEO and VP of Publishing for nDreams will be among those judging the prototypes that are put in front of them and joining them will be representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment and Nvidia.

Virtual Reality

The prize package for this competition is that of a dream come true for someone looking to get their start in the Virtual Reality field. The winner will have their prototype on display at the next VRTGO conference which will be held November 12th of this year. NDreams will also be mentoring the winner to help them along their journey to commercial success. In addition to mentoring, the winner will also spend an afternoon with the Project Morpheus team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

VRTGO Europes leading VR Conference

The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2015. Applications without a video will not be accepted. Submit your project here and good luck you Virtual Reality fiends you!

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