Star Wars The Old Republic Server Moves

As many Star Wars: The Old Republic players know, the move from ghost town-like servers to highly populated ones started to take place this past week. Those who were used to a low amount of people on a planet are now surrounded by many. There would be times where I would be the only person on a planet and I am happy to report that is no longer the case. The only planet with a low amount of people thus far has been Quesh, solely because it’s a fast planet to get through and not many want to stick around.

The transfer from one server to another went smooth however there were a few speed bumps along the way. Those who transferred over to a server with a character of the same name were forced to change their character’s name. I only had to do this with one of my characters, thankfully, but I have to wonder if the person that has the character with the same name, isn’t an alternate that is just sitting around doing nothing.

Another issue that I and others came across was trying to transfer over all eight characters. The first seven went over to Ebon Hawk smoothly, but the eighth did not want to go. When I tried to transfer my Sith Warrior over, a lowbie, I received the message that I had ran out of slots. In order to bring my evil girl over, I had to create a new character on Ebon Hawke and then delete him. That tricked the “system” in allowing me to bring over my eighth and final character.

Its delightful to see so many on one server. If you’re on a deserted server, keep an eye out on the transfer page for more information to see if your server will make the move.

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