Sonic R VR Coming This Fall

Do you remember the classic Sonic racing game, Sonic R? Well, it’s coming to PlayStation VR this fall!

The game will be in full first-person P.O.V. and probably give you serious motion sickness while awesome 90s pop music plays. The soundtrack will be done by legendary band, Chumbawamba, who will be getting back together solely to produce the game’s rockin’ tunes. Most of the soundtrack will probably sound exactly like their only hit, Tubthumping, which is Tyler’s favorite song from the 90s. You probably remember that kid Tyler.

Beyond the soundtrack, Sega has decided to update all of the character models for the new game. All of the character models will be the new Sonic Boom models! Sonic will be wearing his Nathan Drake scarf. Knuckles will looks deformed and tall. I realize that the excitement is hard to contain here for the large Sonic R fan base. I am sorry if this news piece has made you too excited.

Sonic R


Sega has decided that this is the best move for the Sonic franchise. They have decided that they will exclusively make VR titles for the franchise from now on and that all of them will be intense first-person P.O.V. racing games. In addition, they are considering bringing back the Shadow The Hedgehog franchise to make a first-person shooter out of it that will probably not play very well and everyone will remember it as being horrible. Also, rumors have surfaced that a reboot of Sonic ’06 (the classic PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game) will come out in Fall 2017 and be a new variation of this brand-new rebooted Sonic R franchise.

Are you excited for Sonic R VR? What about the Chumbawamba soundtrack? Is that exciting or what? Do you think Sega has gone absolutely bonkers? Probably. But at least we are getting more Sonic R games. I really don’t know what I would have done without them. I need them. This will truly boost the Sonic franchise back into its place as a staple to the gaming industry. Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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