No Shame November: Next Jen Gaming

Throughout November, the staff here at The Game Fanatics, are sharing a few of their “shameful” gaming moments. Be sure to check out everyone’s take on what they have done that could be considered shameful within the gaming community.

As for me, I’m going to mention a few things that might seem shameful to some, but to me, well, maybe one or two are shameful but the rest is just normal for me.

Chrono Cross marathon – I stayed up for 48 hours straight playing Chrono Cross for the original PlayStation. I mostly lived on pizza and Pepsi during my run with this massive RPG. I usually don’t like games with a lot of playable characters but something about Chrono Cross sucked me in. I did play Chrono Cross before playing Chrono Trigger, however I did end up playing Chrono Trigger and I enjoyed it just the same. I’m still wishing for a third Chrono game and when I heard about Chrono Break, I screamed like a little fangirl. Shame they lost the trademark and it doesn’t seem like another Chrono game will be in the works for a while, if ever.

I don’t like Zelda games – I was around six years old when I first played The Legend of Zelda. Maybe it was because I was so young but I didn’t like the game at all. I did try to play recent Zelda games but I just could not get into it. I do enjoy the music from the Zelda games but as far as playing them, count me out.

Achievements! – I played Avatar: The Last Airbender to get the achievements. Same went for TMNT but at least that game was fun to play. I just don’t go after the easy achievements, however. I made it my mission to get all the achievements for Mass Effect 1 & 2 (and I will do the same for the third installment), Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (including all DLCs). I think I’m going to try to get all the achievements for Skyrim, but just like with Oblivion, it might take me a while. I also prefer achievements over trophies. Maybe it’s a number thing or maybe because I have more friends on XBL, but I don’t care for trophies at all.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All – I enjoy collecting video games and retro systems. This wasn’t always the case, sadly. When I was eighteen, something inside told me to grow up and stop playing video games. Therefore I got rid of all of my systems and games. This is something that I regret and I’ve been trying to get what I lost back and then some.

Gaming tattoos – I have a classic Nintendo controller tattoo. I got it at an anime and comic book convention earlier this year. I would love to expand on it with other gaming tattoos. Just not sure with what yet but if anyone has any ideas, I’m willing.

I used to be a Sony fangirl and an Xbox hater – I used to work at GameStop. During my early days working there, I was all about PlayStation. I breathed, ate, and talked nothing but. I believed that the original Xbox was nothing more than a paper weight. Eventually I got my hands on an XB360 and all of that changed. I just didn’t become a Microsoft fangirl but instead I started to embrace all systems. I do play more on my XB360 but if there is an exclusive game on Ps3 that I want to play (like Heavy Rain, Uncharted, MGS4, GT5) then I will get it. I’ve dropped the whole system fangirlism and I will play what I like. Thankfully I’m not the same gamer that I used to be, bashing the Xbox whenever I could. It’s nice to embrace it all without being a prick about it. Unless the Ps3 gives me a reason to, like all of those updates for instance. Not to get off the point and let me stop my rambling now, the point is, I love them all and proud of it.

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