Phoenix Comicon | Saturday's Events with 8 Bit Brit

Phoenix Comicon was more popular than ever this year with an attendance over 32,000 attendees. This past Memorial Day weekend was a fun filled event for those who attended the convention from all over the nation.

This event is not nearly as popular as San Diego’s Comic Con which I used to attend each year when I lived in San Diego, but it’s getting there! The energy at the event reminded me of the years I went to SDCC.

I attended the event on Saturday, May 26th and boy was it packed! I really couldn’t believe it. I was going into the convention with the mindset it was a small event that locals and maybe a few California and Nevada folks drove to since it’s closer and more affordable than SDCC. I had to protect myself at time from getting smacked into by crazed teenagers and cos-players with massive swords.

There were quite a few guests that made an appearance at the event… mainly Trekkies. Blah. It’s alright. William Shatner was quite entertaining during his session. Other Star Trek guests were not met by me unfortunately. The cast of Starship Troopers were good to watch at their panel too. Casper Van Dien was nice to meet, called my soon to be little one “a little Trooper”. Lou Ferrigno aka the Hulk was… short but nice. Jeremy Bulloch, the man that played Boba Fett was there too! Happens that he has a granddaughter that is named the same thing we are naming our little one. Must be fate.

I didn’t get pictures with any of them due to they still charged press $20-$30 dollars for photos. Quite silly. Something I think should definitely change with future events. Maybe it was just PCC. I remember going to SDCC and never being charged ever and I wasn’t even press/media there!

There were so many cos-players at the event from almost any and every film, anime and comic book you can think of. The 501st first was there of course! My husband and I love them! Maybe we just love the dark side! Anyways. The shop floor was filled with artists and creators of nerdy geeky art galore. I recommend anyone going to any convention bring lots of money for the awesome future purchases that will occur at any comic book convention.

Check out my gallery below of some of the cos-play, people and panels my husband and I came across at the Phoenix Comicon 2012. Enjoy.











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