PAX Prime 2012 | Interview With the Makers of Company of Heroes 2

  • altair

    I cant find crack for my company of heroes v2.400.

    also when I start the game there is one unlocked campaign and 2 locked.the locked game was operation market gardens and other one I dont remember the name

    anyway how to unlock the other two campaign???

  • Adam

    The factions are below:
    1. British
    2. American
    3. Soviet
    1. Wehrmacht
    2. Panzer Elite

  • PolishPokeyPimp

    im planning on getting a 4X AGP card but im not sure if it will play games like company of heroes without majorly lagging in fps speed.

  • Lia-lu-li

    If my graphics card can support Company of Heroes on low graphics, can it support NTW on high graphics?