How Nintendo Almost Got Me to Buy a Wii U After E3 2014

  • stealth20k

    The price is right now. If you want it you will get it. The system does not need a price cut

  • heavenshitman1

    Nintendo or anyone else will never announce price cuts in advance. Even if they’ve already planned it. They’ll always await till the last minute, because if they declare a price cut in several months time, everyone (including this journo) would have given up on buying the system until the price-cut has hit. Sales would slump until that time comes. That is why they’ll never give any major advanced notice. So sooner or later the price cut is coming alas.
    Also as far as the WiiU price is concerned, it is currently by far the cheapest of the 8th Gen systems, No online subscriptions, BC with all previous gen hardware and software (Unlike PS4 and XB1 requiring all new everything) .
    And games aside, WiiU does have a nifty feature or 2. Like the net browser, likely the best of all the next gen systems, it’s ease and fluidity of surfing pages and videos could just about compete against a PC setup, even allowing you to run a full screen Video up on the big screen for everyone to watch while you continue to surf on the game pad if you so will


    get the Mario Kart Bundle w/ a free game promotion. if that doesn’t get u to buy a Wii U then nothing will but if u can’t oh well