Ten Characters We Want in Super Smash Bros. for Switch

Glory be to the Master Hand because Super Smash Bros. is coming to Switch. It was inevitable, but the fact it’s dropping by the end of 2018 is a welcomed surprise. As the world ponders who will make the new roster. I took it upon myself to make the definitive list of characters that should be in the upcoming title. Also, there will be no Waluigi or Goku on this list. Don’t care whose petitioning for it. Just. No.

Spring Man/Ribbon Girl

The Inklings are confirmed so bringing characters from Nintendo’s other new IP, ARMS, is a no-brainer. Smash Bros doesn’t have too many long-range fighters so Spring Man or Ribbon Girl would quickly fill that void. Long grabs and punches will keep any enemy at bay. Getting back on stage will always be within arms reach. They could swap between arms with B to keep things interesting, and their final smash would be a volley of every arm in their arsenal.


The daunting duo has been getting the short end of the stick ever since their departure from the Nintendo 64. Since then, fans have been screaming for a new game and return to form. Since that probably won’t happen, they need to be reborn in Smash. Banjo and Kazooie can poop explosive eggs, turn into a plethora of creatures using voodoo, and wreck shop on the xylophone. I honestly don’t know what more you could want out of a contender. So please Microsoft let the bear and bird come out to play.

Crash Bandicoot

With the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch the orange marsupial better be in the game. Everything Crash does translates to a fighting game well. His tornado has both offensive and defensive capabilities. He is exceptionally nimble and good at hand to hand combat. Along with an impressive array of gadgets at his disposable, and if that wasn’t enough, there is Aku Aku. His mask best friend could be Crash’s final smash, or an item in the game. What could be better than doing the Crash Dance after sending someone hurtling toward the screen?


For those who don’t know Klonoa is a cat/rabbit creature known as a dream traveler from the criminally underrated platforming series of the same name. Since Klonoa has been on many Nintendo consoles, and Bandai Namco already has a fighter in the ring with Pac-Man, he would be a welcomed edition. His primary weapon is a magical ring that can fire projectiles. It can hold his enemies so he can shoot them or use them as a spring platform. His cheery disposition and long floppy ears would bring justice and peace to any battlefield.


Ryu punched the Street Fighter character door wide open, and while fighters from the franchise should be an extreme minimum. Chun-Li, the first lady of fighting games, should join the fray. Her lightning legs are a real threat. With her speed, agility, and ability to fire her kikoken, her zoning game would be legendary. All will learn to fear the all mighty spinning bird kick.

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic the Hedgehog has become a mainstay in this mascot brawler, so it’s time to start expanding on his universe. Some will argue Tails is the obvious choice, but Knuckles is the superior choice. Instead of being a Sonic clone that can fly, he would bring hard-hitting power along with an aerial arsenal. He is a better rival character than Shadow, and one of the few Sonic pals that’s not full of cringe. Outside of his fighting prowess Knuckles has become several Internet memes and at times more popular than the blue blur himself.

Shovel Knight

Nintendo doesn’t have the best indie game representation, but the Switch is trying to change all that. So to keep the indie momentum going Shovel Knight should, and most likely will make an appearance. His pogo stick like shovel and bag of magic spells makes him prepared for any challenge. It will be fun to see the knight go against all the franchises that inspired his adventure. Plus there are too many characters with swords, so a shovel is a nice change of pace.


This time around we will be dealing with the Breath of the Wild incarnation of Link. Because of that one of the champions should accompany him. And no Champion would be more fitting for Smash Bros Switch than Urbosa. She’s a fierce Gerudo like Ganondorf, but with a heart of gold. Her swordsmanship is impressive, and she possesses the right amount of brute strength. As if that wasn’t enough she can also summon lightning strikes that would make Pikachu envious. There wouldn’t be many who could stand in the path of Urbosa’s fury.


Each new entry of Smash Bros comes with new Pokémon to contend against in the arena. The seventh generation of Pokémon has produced new fan favorites, but Mimikyu stands above the rest. No matter if you like it for its tear-jerking backstory or the enduring way it tries to look like Pikachu, Mimikyu would be a monster on and off the battlefield. It has several strong attacks at its disposal like shadow claw, the ability to soak up initial damage, and blazing speed. Making this Ghost/Fairy Pokémon the most creepy and cute thing Smash Bros, and the world, has ever seen.

Rabbid Peach

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was the breakout hit no one saw coming. And Rabbid Peach was the breakout diva that no one could imagine coming.

While you could make a case for any of the Rabbids, Rabbid Peach is in a class all her own. She could probably force opponents into submission on sass alone, but she still sports a blaster and remote control bombs. She can stun foes in their tracks with the light from her phone as she takes a selfie. Or call in a teammate for the assist when things get tough. Also, she would be bringing some much-needed ‘class’ to the roster.

That was the ten characters that should be in Smash Bros Switch. We will have to wait and see if Nintendo will take these well thought out suggestions later this year. Until then drop a comment below and let us know your top 10 characters you want to see make the cut.

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