MSI’s Newest Laptops Will Help Destroy Your Enemies

MSI, one of the biggest names in gaming laptops, has a new line coming to store shelves and they’re going to pack a serious punch. Dubbed the GX Destroyer Series, the laptops feature the latest toys from AMD. Both the 15” GX60 and 17” GX70 models use the new AMD A10-5750 (2.3-3.5 GHz) processor and that’s paired with the impressive R9-M290X mobile GPU.

Both models feature an anti-reflective 1920×1080 display, a 1TB 7200RPM hard disc drive, and a backlit SteelSeries keyboard paired with SteelSeries’ customization software. The software allows users to customize the keyboard’s colors, lighting effects and more.

While the GX60 comes with 8GB of DDR3 memory, its big brother the GX70 comes to the party with an impressive 12GB of memory. But that’s not all that makes the large beast stand out from the smaller model. No, it also comes with a Blu-Ray Disc reader, an additional USB 2.0 slot, and better wireless networking capabilities.

Another exciting feature that’s coming with the GX Destroyer line is new to MSI, the Dragon Gaming Center.  MSI claims that it’s designed to maximize performance and speed by monitoring your system and changing to your preset gaming profile when you start a game. It is also said to close any unnecessary background applications to increase processing power, and while that may be a stumbling point for some, it will help you get into your game faster and with better performance.

In their release, MSI gives an MSRP of $1,299.99 for the GX60 while the GX70 will set you back $1,399.99. Select major retailers will also include a copy of Battlefield 4 with every GX Destroyer they sell. See the full spec breakdown from MSI below and be sure to check them out when they’re on store shelves. MSI has not given and estimated release date.

MSI GX Destroyer Specs
The spec list for the upcoming MSI GX Destroyer line
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