Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Has Been Revealed

Minecraft: Story Mode

Telltale Games has confirmed that Minecraft: Story Mode is getting a sequel. Twitter has been their platform of choice for their announcement, which also includes a very close release date. The first episode of the new game, “Hero in Residence”, will be available already on July 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. So far, no confirmation regarding Nintendo Switch has come through.

Rumors of a second season started earlier this week.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Opens a New Chapter

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 will continue with the story of Jesse and his faithful crew. After saving the world from the Wither Storm, their lives have returned back to normal… Or so it seems. A clumsy incident with an underwater temple will set everything into motion again, plunging this eclectic group of friends into a new adventure.

The voice cast includes Patton Oswalt, Ashley Johnson, Catherine Taber and Scott Potter. On top of that, Telltale is also bringing cameos from important community members on YouTube.

Like with other Telltale games, you’ll be able to carry over your choices from the first installment. This does not mean that newbies to the series cannot enjoy it as a standalone game (although it will certainly be more interesting overall if you played the first season already). Minecraft: Story Mode will also bring Telltale’s Crowd Play mode, which empowers players to host crowd sessions where viewers can vote to drive the game in a particular direction.

All in all, Telltale Games keeps on being a busy bee. This week has seen the release of a new Guardians of the Galaxy episode while The Walking Dead: Season 3 saw its conclusion last month. With the prospects of a Game of Thrones: Season 2 happening in the near future, there’s no doubt that the Telltale formula is here to stay.

Are you looking forward to the next Minecraft installment? What’s your favorite Telltale’s title so far? Let us know!

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