Microsoft's Xbox 360 Prevails Against All Odds

This November we will be celebrating the seventh birthday of Microsoft’s well known Xbox 360.  After seven years the Xbox 360 is still outselling all of the other gaming consoles.  It is because of the steady incline in sales that we wont likely hear of a new system releasing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).  We can still dream, though.


Can you blame them?  They are sitting pretty with an Xbox LIVE population of roughly 40 million.  Since November 2005, they have sold 67 million consoles, and since November 2010, they have sold 19 million Kinect sensors.    They are still making money off of a system that has proven its ability to adapt to the new technology, demands, and trends that consumers are constantly looking for.  With the Kinect addition and the flooding of advanced dashboard applications, they have given us no need to look beyond this console.  However, I could just be biased since I switched from Playstation to strictly Xbox six years ago.

Source: Techland Time

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