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Rumor: New Game Console Being Developed by Amazon

In what has to be considered the era of ‘Whatever you can do, I can do better’ from the amount of people entering the gaming console industry. …

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Gamescom 2012 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Screenshots and Trailer

In the beginning gamers worldwide enjoyed being beaten, broken, and dismembered solely on their gaming consoles. But in a few weeks gamers worldwide will be beaten, …

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 Prevails Against All Odds

This November we will be celebrating the seventh birthday of Microsoft’s well known Xbox 360.  After seven years the Xbox 360 is still outselling all …

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Industry Leaders Darkworks and SENSIO Join Forces in 3D Games Technology

SENSIO Technologies Inc., a pioneer in 3D-image processing, and Darkworks S.A., a leader in the console 3D video game space, announced today that the two …

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