Mafia III Last Trailers Showcase the Voodoo Queen and New Bordeaux

Mafia III

The districts of New Bordeaux are a dangerous place but Cassandra fits them to a T. 2K Games has released two new trailers that prepare us for that compelling game that is Mafia III.

The official countdown for Mafia III has already started. 2K Games has been very prolific in showcasing the wonders and details of the next Mafia game. The last two ones are quite vivid and offer interesting glimpses about the different districts of New Bordeaux and the motivations behind the so called Voodoo Queen.

The first one, City Districts, showcases different traits of the world surrounding Lincoln and the gangs. It’s quite a big one, mind you, since the city of New Bordeaux comprises a total number of 10 districts: Frisco Fields, Pointe Verdun, Barclay Mills, Downtown, French Ward, Tickfaw Harbor, Delray Hollow, Bayou Fantom, River Row, and Southdowns. Names are only names but each of them breathes a different tune. Delray Hollow is the type of downtown place you certainly do not want to visit at night while Frisco Fields will get you intoxicated with all the wealth and glimmering colors. Now, if your taste is lured by the forbidden, make sure you pay a visit to the French Ward, where all fantasies come true. At a price, of course.

These districts have one thing in common though: loads and loads of violence. Wherever you go you’ll have your fair share of chaos, petty crime, gun shots, stabs in the face… All of that and much more, hidden in the shadows. New Bordeaux is resting on a pile of vice and the mafia sits on the throne.

We know already that moving around on our cool-looking vehicles will play an important part within the game. Exploring each neighborhood will surely make for surprising encounters.

Meet Cassandra, the Voodoo Queen of Mafia III

The second trailer, released yesterday, puts Cassandra in the spotlight. In truth, this is not the first time we see one of Lincoln’s “lieutenants” in action. In this one we get juicier details about her, though, and a better idea of the motivations that shape her character and her relationship with the gang. The Voodoo Queen surely has a common goal with Lincoln and the others – and her very own agenda as well.

Mafia III is scheduled to arrive to all platforms on October 7.

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