Titanfall 2 Developers Reveal Vision for Story in New Trailer

Titanfall 2

A special bond between a pilot and its titan. That’s the proposition that the folks at Respawn Entertainment have embraced for the single player campaign of Titanfall 2.

We already mentioned this back in August: Respawn has the potential to make Titanfall 2 a thoughtful experience by empowering narrative in its single player form. That’s why we are very pleased after watching Respawn’s last trailer, which focuses on their vision for that main story. The single player mode will follow the story of Jack Cooper, a foot soldier with big dreams. These are made true by the beginning of the chapter – not the way he expects it, however. Titanfall 2 tells the origins of a hero who ends up teaming up and kicking ass with one of the best Titans out there – and that relationship is key to the rest. As Respawn tells in the trailer, “story is a way for the game to take on a greater meaning.”

These events happen 5 years after the background story of Titanfall. So we’ll be back at the Frontier and fighting hard against alien creatures and rogue humans that want to jeopardize our mission. The protagonist titan, called BT, will be more than mechanical help to us. We’ll see the relationship between this boy and his robot evolve and reinforce a bond, thanks to the new conversation system.

Titanfall 2

Official Countdown for Titanfall 2 has Started

Despite the brevity of the trailer, it offers special glimpses over the game’s gameplay, fighting possibilities and also concept art. Truth be told, everything we have seen so far about Titanfall 2 sings the tune of a fine gaming experience. What we need to see yet is that if the single player campaign lives up to expectations – we’ll surely be trying it. The wait is not a long one since the game is finally hitting stores this October 28 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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