Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Geek in Your Life

A couple who games together stays together. At least I think that’s how the saying goes. Valentine’s Day is a week away and if you have procrastinated a bit, like myself, here are some gifts to show the geek in your life that you truly care about them.

For The Trivia Geek

Do you spend a lot of your quality time watching Netflix and chillin’? Well here is something for the movie lover in your life. Golden Bell Studios has a trivia game, Movie Buff, to put all of that film knowledge to good use. Some of our team had the opportunity to check out Movie Buff this past weekend at PAX South. It can also serve as a great addition for any game night with friends.


For the Beauty Geek

Have you watched your special someone spend 45 minutes perfecting their face before stepping out? Ok, maybe not that long but if you have any beauty appreciators in your life, make-up is always a good choice. Since you may not be as knowledgeable I’ve decided to list a few ideas that will tie in their passion for geek culture. In other words, I am giving you a win-win scenario.

Geek Chic Cosmetics has really cool themed eye shadow palettes that you can choose based on their favorite. A few options are Witchcraft and Wizardry (inspired by Harry Potter), Win or Die (inspired by Game of Thrones), and Assemble (inspired by Marvel’s Avengers). You can visit their website Geek Cosmetics for their full stash. Shiro Cosmetics also has great collection inspired by Legend of Zelda, The Lord of The Rings, Pokemon, and The Hunger Games. Visit Shiro Cosmetics to check out their complete collections.


Maybe make-up isn’t your Valentine’s thing but they frequently visit the nail salon for cool designs, well Espionage Cosmetics has the perfect gifts. They have nail wraps inspired by Borderlands, manga, tabletop games, your favorite gaming icons and many more. I think my favorite is the Aurora Borealis nail wraps. They’re just so beautiful.

Borderlands Nail Art Espionage Cosmetics

For the Sartorial Geek

Do you have a dapper geek in your life or someone who seeks to find balance in their 9-5 and nerd lifestyles? Well, I have the perfect gift for you. has suits inspired by Marvel, DC, and more. You can go all out and get a Riddler suit. It can double as a costume for Halloween. also gives the option for a normal suit with a lined interior, like this Marvel Comic Strip Suit. So visit and make someone’s Valentine’s Day very special.



For the Epicurean Geek

Want to share a drink with your Valentine? Glass Cannons on Etsy has some really awesome beer and wine glass sets for the Player 1 or Player 2 in your life. They even have other general geekery inspired glasses. If alcohol isn’t your partners thing, how about a coffee mug from HelloImNikDesign? Here is a retro gamer mug inspired by the consoles of yesteryear. You can even get a matching coaster. While you’re on Etsy searching for a gift go ahead and grab one of the cool cards to go with your gift. There are plenty!

If none of these are a good match, The Game Fanatics is selling really cool “I’m with Player 1 or 2” shirts. You can get a set so you can match at your next convention or for a cool couples’ photoshoot.

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