10 Tumblr Blogs Every Gamer Should Follow

  • Lordoc


  • Jonathan

    You missed out #8 =)

  • Amy Lemaster

    I recently changed computers and on my old laptop I had ONE tumblr userscript that did just about everything and I can’t remember the name of it, and no it wasn’t missing e. Now I can no longer seem to find it. I was wondering if it’s been removed or if the name has been changed. Does anyone know?

  • maskills24

    Tumblr doesn’t seem to have the “break to a new page” option, which would allow a long entry to start on the main page and then continue onto a new page if the reader clicks to see it. So I was wondering if there was a Tumblr add-on/app that would allow this to happen. Thanks!


    Tumblr doesn’t seem to have the “break to a new page” option, which would allow a long entry to start on the main page and then continue onto a new page if the reader clicks to see it. So I was wondering if there was a Tumblr add-on/app that would allow this to happen. Thanks!

  • lets roll

    I am majoring studio art with emphasis on painting and I need to take quite a bit of art history classes, which I don’t mind. I want to be well rounded in art history.

    What are movements or art styles do you recommend or
    which ones should every artist at least be familiar with?

  • Death Knight

    There is no best art, only a practitioner, every one has their preferences.SO what martial art do you find works best for YOU? If you cross train please tell me what combination of arts you think work best for you. Please only people who train in arts, not a person behind the computer saying muay thai, BJJ, and wrestling because it works in the UFC. Thanks.
    clowns you contribute alot to Y!A MA community but are you sure you practice Tae Kwan Do? you seemed to have spelled it wrong, or is it a typo?
    Edit: clowns I am an on and off martial artist some martial arts I have taken a few classes in but can’t say are my arts are Kyokushin karate, Tae kwan do, and Judo. I have trained for 1 and 3/4 year muay thai 1/2 year mma, and 2 months bjj. I also took Krav Maga for 3 months but you can say I don’t have that much experiene compared to others on th MA Y!A board.
    Oops meant to say experience*

  • Daniel

    My art teacher wants me to find out what kind of art form I did. I cut cardboard into shapes and pasted them onto a canvas and painted on the cardboard. What art form is this? Is it a mosaic, an assemblage or what?

  • Agent 47

    I go to an art magnet school and am a sophmore. Basically I have about 4 perioids of art class everyday. I’m going to have to start appyling for college soon and am wondering where the best art schools are.

    I am more interested in crafts, functional art, and fiber art opposed to the fine arts. I can draw/paint if I have to but it’s not what I prefer to spend my time doing.

    Actors and instramentalist have places like Julliard. What do us visual artist have?

  • sarah w

    I was thinking the other day about Chun Li in the Street Fighter games. She was really a rather breakthrough character, in that she was the first one (so far as I know) to be a hero rather than damsel. Moreover, she was not created as an inferior fighter to the males. Of the 8 original characters, she was the fastest fighter (hence the one I was the best at till I got to play Vega.)

    Contrast this with video games in the early 80s. Any females would either be nonexistant or objects to be rescued–a trend that continued well after Chun Li in some cases. I never thought of women as lessers, as a child. I know some people have strong female role models in their real life, but I didn’t, and not everyone else did either. Sometimes stories are all you have to go by.

    So how important do you think this is anyway? For all those kids who have no other strong woman in their world, how much difference do you think a video game character can make?
    By the way, I think presenting women as sex objects (such as Dead or Alive 3 where there are more female fighters than males, and most of them expose their panties with every move) creates its own problems. How important is it that more female characters be presented as important for whoever they are, and whatever they do, rather than how hot they are?
    Oh, and outside of fighting games, if you played as Princess Toadstool in Super Mario 2, her only useful trait was that her dress let her ‘hover’ in the air. Fantastic.
    Koreaguy: Good points, but is promoting a female character whose only redeeming characteristic that she kicks ass the best kind of female role model? (Particularly when she has to be HOT and kick ass.)
    Robinson: That’s kind of my point. If video games teach boys the only measure of worth is physical superiority, and then they realize in the real world women usually aren’t the combat equals of men, how has this helped them get any sort of positive impression of women?

  • Michael K

    I am graduating this Spring with an Art Education degree. We are planning to move to Calgary Alberta, but I am not sure if I can get a job as an Art Teacher there. I am unsure of the need for art teachers there. What other options, other than working in an Art Museum can I do with my degree there?

  • Andres C

    Some people have been training martial art for years but they seem to look fat. Some people look so muscular due to martial art training.
    Some martial art practitioners have been training a lot and they become fast and energetic but their bodies seem to be average with no muscles at all.

  • Thomas A

    Ok, this is my last question regarding renaissance art.
    How much did art evolve DURING the renaissance period?
    For instance, was art work from the beginning of the renaissance any different to that of the end of the renaissance.
    Links please.

  • mmminja

    I am doing a study of “Faith and Reason” written by Pope John Paul II. Tonight we were talking about objectivity and subjectivity. Art was the example used to discuss one’s own perception of good art and bad art and the universal perception of it. I am confused by the subject of art. I personally think good and bad art is subject to one’s own personal opinion.

    Can anyone explain to me what is ‘good art’? Like Michelango, Picaso & Van Gogh versus modern art? And by whose standards is ‘good art’ classified as such?

    I’ve never taken an art class, I only draw privately once in a while but I don’t consider myself an artist. What books or websites can I go to to learn about art?

  • JimT

    Hopefully everyone or someone will understand this, but I am an artist, and I am trying/learning slowly how to sell my art online. Anyway, I’ve noticed that some people, and places/pages online like ebay that sell your art have cool really professional looking backgrounds that seem digital, that the art work appears in front of. How do I get this?