ThinkGeek's Father's Day Gift Ideas and GeekDad Giveaway

Well it’s that time of the year again, where we celebrate the amazing fathers in our lives. Being a father of two myself, I like to dream of what I might get to add to my Fortress of Fathertude.

One of my favorite places to do so happens to be, and they have some pretty amazing gift ideas for the geek dad in your life. And you’re not going to believe the amazing GeekDad Giveaway they’ve set up. Check this out!


Honor your uniquely geeky patriarch this Father’s Day with our Most Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway (So Far) prize pile, which includes:

  • fabbster 3D Printer, including netfabb Studio Professional software bundled with netfabb Engine for fabbster
  • $1,000 ThinkGeek shopping spree
  • 32GB ASUS Transformer TF300T Tablet (blue) with keyboard dock
  • Signed copy of Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown
  • GeekDad t-shirts for the family
  • Hasbro prize pack including Marvel BonkaZonks Blind Bags (two), 4-Pack, Face Case, Spider-Man Stackrobatic Stunt Set, and Head Quarters; The Avengers Hulk Hero Mask, Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor, Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists, Hawkeye Bow, and Hero Masks (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk); and Kre-O Battleship Ocean Attack set, Land Defense set, Combat Chopper set, Alien Strike set, and U.S.S. Missouri set
  • Calliope Games prize pack including a set of games “Ugh!” (with a card autographed by John Kovalic), “Got’Em!,” “Double Double Dominoes,” and “Tsuro”
  • ThinkFun prize pack including a set of solo puzzles for dad and brain games for dads and kids to play together: MathDice, Swish, Solitaire Chess, Gordian’s Knot, and UnHinged
  • Tegu Original Set, Compact, and Asterisk toys


This prize pack is HUGE. An Asus Transformer tablet, a 3D printer(!), and a $1000 shopping spree at plus a ton of other prizes! Seriously, this is the mother load of geeky toys and gadgets.

This isn’t your regular “enter your name and email address to enter” contest either. You’ve got to earn it…or rather, your Father has to earn it…by having been awesome at some point in your lifetime.'re not gonna win.


Enter with the coolest story about the Dad in your life to enter him for the giveaway right here.

ThinkGeek has also set up some pretty sweet Father’s Day bundles at different price points to check out.



We here at The Game Fanatics decided to take a look at the Father’s Day recommendations on their site and pick a few of our favorites. So here they are for you to peruse/drool over at your leisure.


The Fanatical Father’s Day Top Ten from

10. Atari Pint Glass 4-Pack – $14.99

Every father knows what they need at the end of a long day of entertaining the kids- a nice cold brew and some video games. These would look  awesome in any Geek’s beer glass collection and at $14.99 they’re a steal.


9. Star Trek Cuff-links – $59.99

I actually just bought a pair of Star Wars Imperial cuff-links from ThinkGeek and I think I’m going to have to show some Star Trek love with these Starfleet Insignia cuff-links. So awesome.


8. Geek Dad Handbook – $16.99

A collection of geeky projects for dads to take on with the help of their kids. Time to find out just how awesome dad is.


 7. The Baby Owner’s Manual – $14.99

There’s not need to explain why every new father should own this book. I wish I knew about this book a few years ago.

6. iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger – $61.99

I really really really want one of these…and I’m a dad…so it’s in the list. The name is deceiving- This charger is not just for Apple products. It’ll pretty much charge anything, and with a 9900 mAh capacity, it’ll power one of your toys for a week.


5. The Stake – Grilling Multi-tool – $29.99

Well just look at it…it’s a fork, tongs, and spatula all in one! You can stick a hotdog with it will push the hotdog off of it’s fork and onto your bun of choice. Yes, please…

4. MotoMount for the iPad – $5.99

Long road trip + kids = loss of sanity. This is what you need. Put on How to Train your Dragon or a season of Dora The Explorer while using this and you just might keep it together. You can’t beat that for $5.99

3. Star Trek Bathrobes – $59.99

Get him a gold one if he’s awesome, a blue one if he is and always will be your friend, or a red one if you don’t like his attitude.


2. Star Wars Jedi & Sith Bathrobes – $89.99

I’m starting to think that deep down inside, I just might want a bathrobe. An awesome bathrobe. And yes, by awesome I mean a Sith bathrobe.

1. WeWood Jupiter Watch – 134.99

For the eco-friendly dad in your life who also has a hell of a lot style. This watch is just awesome. This might end up being a Father’s Day gift to myself.


So there you have it. We hope that we’ve helped you out with your Father’s Day choices this year. Check out the rest of ThinkGeek’s Father’s Day specials right here.

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