Home Free Arriving on the PlayStation 4

From the creative mind of Indie game developer Kevin Cancienne, comes Home Free, a harrowing journey that takes place behind the eyes of man’s best friend. In a PlayStation blog that was released earlier yesterday, Cancienne announces his newest project will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year if he can meet his Kickstarter goal. In Home Free, the player takes control of a lost dog in a big city. During this time the player must find the necessities for survival, such as food, a safe place to slumber, and friends to help you along the way. And hopefully you will soon find a way off the streets and into a home you can call your own.


In the blog, Cancienne reveals that Home Free came to life thanks to the two projects that he was working on, one being a procedural city engine and the other an adorable, local multiplayer game titled Dog Park. This game has been in development for over two years and has many unique gameplay features from exploring a randomly generated city to wrestling in the park with your fellow dog buddies. In Home Free you can even choose the path your pup walks on, whether that be the life of a bandit, stealing food from unsuspecting humans, or that of a performer who earns his food by showing off your clever tricks- it is up to you!


Currently Home Free is still in the development stages and Kevin Cancienne has set up a Kickstarter fund for fellow fans to donate and support the game. As mentioned in the blog, he hopes to release the game sometime next year. If you’re interested in backing this project, you will receive your own digital copy on the PlayStation 4 when it becomes available. There are also other cool rewards that you will receive if you back Cancienne’s project on Kickstarter, including becoming an NPC in the game along with your real life canine buddy. For now, we will all eagerly await the arrival of Home Free on the PlayStation 4.

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