Hogwarts Legacy and the Stain on Harry Potter’s Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

This week the much anticipated Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy was released. Its goal is to capture what every Harry Potter fan wants: a true Hogwarts experience. From customizing your character to getting sorted, and attending classes it’s what we’ve always wanted from a Harry Potter game.

Like many millennials, the series was a source of comfort. The characters in the books faced similar challenges to those that many young people face, such as bullying, navigating relationships, and dealing with loss. The books offered a sense of belonging and validation for many people, helping them to feel less alone in their struggles. I myself am a huge Harry Potter fan. I even have a tattoo as an ode to my favorite book series.

So when I first heard about the game, I was excited to explore the world I saw on pages and screens finally.

The game’s release comes with many controversies due to the creator of the Harry Potter World, J.K. Rowling, and their anti-trans position. When the game came to fruition, I bet the devs didn’t think their most significant obstacle would be the creator.

In recent years the author has used her platform to spread anti-trans hate by misgendering the community and supporting anti-trans policies and politics. Fans like myself were shocked about how disrespectful the author was to the trans community. J.K. Rowling wrote a series about respecting others and the importance of differences, but she wasn’t following what she preached.

It seems like the devs are trying their best to separate themselves from Rowling by having a wide range of character customizations; we see inclusivity with NPCs. They even introduced a trans character who runs the Three Broomsticks, but is it enough?

Many fans struggle with whether they should purchase the game because of their love for the franchise, but they also want to protect a community that fights battles every day to be who they are. We didn’t anticipate that the series’ author was more Voldemort than Harry.

In the world of cancel culture can you separate the art from the artist?

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