Top Ten of the Worst Movies of the Past 20 Years

For a little bit of fun and to hopefully inform others before it’s too late, Chris came up with his top ten worst movies form the past twenty years. What are your thoughts on the worst movies? Do you agree with what’s on this list?

10.  A.I. – This will be a controversial pick I know.  To me this was a horribly slow movie that had almost no excitement to it. The effects were pretty good but watching emotionless machines for 2 hours was just to excruciating. There was great potential in this movie that I believe they barely missed on the execution.

9. The Thin Red Line – Now I am a war movie nut. Especially around the time this movie came out. This movie came out shortly after Saving Private Ryan. I went to see it with my Uncle, Brother, Father, and Cousin who are all vets.  We all pretty much fell asleep through the whole movie.  Who films a 5 minute scene of a pond?  For the love of god show something I paid to watch a movie not see a painting at an art gallery.  The acting was also horrible.  That’s why the movie did so bad at the box office compared to Saving Private Ryan.

8. Reindeer Games – This movie caused the death of Ben Affleck’s career.  Do I need to say more?

7. Percy Jackson – A movie about the son of Zeus finding out about himself in modern times should have made an excellent movie. The fact that it already was a book series and the plot was already there was even better. Apparently even with all that going for him the director made an incredibly disastrous movie that could have been turned into the next Harry Potter Franchise.  Even with the star power of Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Bean this movie still tanked at the domestic box office.

6. Date Movie – I am a comedy freak.  Every movie that Monty Python or Mel Brooks does I have watched and laughed all the way through.  Even the newer movies I can watch and it will give me a chuckle.  This movie was a comedy disaster only the next comedy could beat as the worst comedy of my lifetime. I may have smiled once through the whole movie.  This kind of movie could have been drop dead hilarious, but it failed at every level.  Avoid this comedy at all costs.

5. Master of Disguise – I love Dana Carvey’s comedy.  Even to this day I love his stand-up routines.  However this movie was excruciating to watch.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I have never walked out of a theater on any movie I have paid for I would have left.  The only thing close to resembling comedy in this movie is the turtle character.  Dana immediately destroys the scene by just repeating one word over and over again. “Turtle”

4. Wing Commander – Who made the decisions in crafting this movie?  This was my all time favorite game as a kid.  This movie had incredible potential but the script and plot where messed up even before they started rolling the cameras I believe. Why would you shave the Kilrathi bald?  The cool part about the enemy was that they looked liked Lions and tigers.  The Kilrathi’s fur was one of the cool things about the race, because each one had a different pattern. It doesn’t help that they didn’t even make them seem terrifying which caused the tension to leave a scene when they where in it?  Why would people be scared of this enemy if they don’t explain anything.

3. Speed 2 – A Cruise ship?  Really?  I would have loved to be in that executive meeting when someone come up with this brilliant idea.  I would slapped them all across the face.  So if the ship goes below 8 knots everyone will die.  Oh no you mean I couldn’t lower the boats or launch an inflatable raft or the ship will blow?  Every second of footage of this movie was a travesty.  The only thing in this movie that was worth seeing was when the ship crashed into the docks.

2. Battlefield Earth – I read the book 2 years before this movie was announced and I loved it.  The sense of adventure and Sci-Fi ideas in this story where mind blowing.  Who in the hell could you take a masterpiece of a book and turn it into a steaming pile of crap. I apologized to everyone I told to see this movie.

1. The Happening – Even though the Village and Lady in the Water began his fall he completely went of the cliff with this movie.  Who goes “Hey I have an idea. What of the plants began killing people.” This is a prime example of how not to make a movie based on a horribly bad plot idea.  I actually felt dumber from watching this movie. This almost killed Mark Wahlberg’s career.  I mean how to you go to one of the arguably best movie’s of all time “The Departed” to this.  How do you read this script and think it would be a great career choice? For the first time in my adult life I thought someone had just stolen 2 hours of my life and I would never get it back.

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