E3 2012 | Wonderbook Takes Aim at Augmented Reality for PlayStation Move

J.K. Rowling may have moved on from the story of the young wizard Harry Potter, but with the Wonderbook title Book of Spells shown off at E3 2012, she will continue to add on to the Harry Potter universe.  Wonder Book is a series exclusive to the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye integration. It will feature installments of books that players can add to their collection.

So far, Book of Spells and Diggs Nightcrawler have been confirmed. Books of Spells will immerse players into the Harry Potter universe with the blank book peripheral turned into a spell book with the help of the PlayStation Eye, and Move controller turned wand. Players will be introduced to lessons revolving around spell incantation. Spells shown off at Sony‘s press conference at E3 were the levitation spell, Windgarduim Leviosa as well as the fire casting spell, Incendio.

The basic premise behind the Wonderbook is immersing the reader far more than ever possible in a book. By using the PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move controller, players will dive inside of the universe of  books added to their collection like never thought possible. Granted, there were a few hiccups here and there during the live demonstration of Book of Spells, but the title looked like it was still in the Alpha or even Pre-Alpha stage.

Wonderbook will hit PlayStation 3 this coming holiday season.

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