How to Get the Most from the Xbox One X

Xbox One X

With the imminent release of Microsoft’s Xbox One X, attention should be paid on how to get the most out of the system. While many have already made the full commitment of pre-ordering the system, others still remain on the fence. Throwing an Xbox One X into your current configuration will work, however, to get the most from the system, you should consider upgrading some components.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X 4K machine

Before we jump into all the items to really maximize the experience we have to discuss what makes the Xbox One X different. The system is a mid-generation upgrade of the Xbox One. Given that, all peripherals that currently run on the Xbox One will work with the X. Nothing extra is required to get the system to run out of the box.

The Xbox One X will improve game performance over the base model. The X will provide smoother performance, higher resolutions, and better texture filtering. Basically the system will be able to sustain the game’s target frame rate better than the base Xbox One. An item stressed by Microsoft is that game framerate is locked in by the game itself; so games that were built to run at 30fps will not suddenly be running at 60fps on the Xbox One X.

While there will be no exclusive Xbox One X games, VR will be exclusive to the Xbox One X. VR games are viewed as separate from standard console games. Microsoft has stated that the X’s extra power will be useful in delivering “high fidelity’ VR. While there is no Xbox One X VR headset at this time; most rumors are point to the partnership with Oculus as a sign of what’s to come.

For those who use their gaming console as a home entertainment hub, it was revealed that the X will come with a 4K UHD Blu-ray player. It’s a natural component for a console that boasts itself as a 4K console, however, it is a function very few currently have in their households.

The Display

Samsung QLED

Almost every discussion of the Xbox One X typically starts with 4K. The biggest reason to upgrade is to get 4K gaming, however if you don’t have a 4K television, then it is going to mean nothing. Above all other components you can get in preparation for the Xbox One X, is a 4K television.

The size of your display will likely depend on your home setup. Ideally you don’t want to bother with anything smaller than a 40-inch to really be immersed. While 4K prices have dropped significantly in the past year, you don’t want to skimp on quality. You should be on the lookout for a well reviewed model that has 4K and HDR support.

For gamers looking to splurge in a big way they should go for an OLED 4K television. OLED’s are often quite expensive however the overall picture quality cannot be matched. For a gamer who prefers first person shooters, they want to get a television with the best refresh rate. IPS 4K televisions are ideal for those looking to get an edge up on the competition with 120Hz refresh rates and 4K quality images.

There are many options if you want to upgrade your display for the Xbox One X without breaking the bank. Many good models fall in the $400-$600 range for 4K and HDR supported units. Grabbing one of these will allow you to experience the full potential of the Xbox One X.

The Sound

razer leviathan

While the Xbox One X gets a major display upgrade with 4K televisions, the same cannot be said for sound. Typically, most 4K televisions do not have the greatest sound output which is a bit disconcerting when spending that much for a new unit. Hope is not lost however! When looking to get a rich, textured sound experience you should invest in a nice sound bar for the television. There are many sound bars to choose from that do wonders for your viewing and playing experience. The gaming peripheral company, Razer, has the Leviathan, a very affordable one that is ideal to add to your home setup.

If you play your games with headphones rather than using the display audio then you should invest in a high quality headset. Turtle Beach has recently launched their Stealth 600. The headset takes advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless technology to connect directly to the console.


4K machine storageThe Xbox One X comes with a hefty 1TB HDD, however given that 4K games will require more space, investing in quality storage is a must-have. Current games take up roughly 35-50GB of space, 4K games will be 75-100GB. With that type of space required the internal storage will quickly fill up. The doesn’t even take into account patches and save games which will pack even more data. Seagate recently announced their external storage device to accompany the Xbox One X. The 8GB unit adds plenty of room to store multiple games without worrying about hitting a storage limit within a few months.

Keep in the mind that Microsoft will be installing 4K patches automatically to the system, even if you are not using a 4K display. The X is going to be treating everything as a 4K game with the files to match. With that in mind you really can’t afford to neglect additional storage for the X.

Swag Strats

Xbox Design Lab

So you’ve gotten the 4K display, a bumping sound bar that shakes you to your core and plenty of room for all your favorite games; what’s left? If you are going all out you really need to trick out your tools! Customize your controller to make it pop with some serious flair using the Xbox Design Lab. Using the endless arrays of custom colors, your controller can really set itself apart. These touches will give you a truly unique console.

After grabbing all these tools for your Xbox One X, the only thing left is to play the games! Check back with us next week for the must grab games for Xbox One X and be on the lookout for our review of the console as it nears it’s November 7th release date.

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