Prepare For 4K Games With Seagate’s Game Drive Hub | E3 2017

Seagate Game Drive Hub

After a whirlwind month of gaming news including Microsoft’s Game Pass, more backwards compatibility on the Xbox One family and the newly unveiled Xbox One X one thing has become abundantly clear, you are going to want a lot of games. Seagate has stepped up to the plate with a massive 8TB Game Drive Hub for Xbox One.

The Game Drive Hub features 8TB of data equating roughly to 200+ Xbox games with the current average game size of 35-50GB. Upcoming 4K games will surely bump that number higher but with the Game Drive Hub, you’ll have room to spare.

Seagate Game Drive Hub

Featuring two front-facing USB 3.0 ports provides quick access to charge controllers and mobile devices as well as any USB accessories. It comes in the very stylish white finish which meshes perfectly with the Xbox One S. Unfortunately there has been no word on a black version to match the Xbox One X, however I can’t imagine that will be far down the line.

In the age of digital downloads, patches, DLC and stacked save files, storage is a necessity. Even with Xbox One X’s already impressive 1TB internal storage, you will want that extra device to hold all of your games rather than running maintenance on your game library every few months.

The Seagate Game Drive Hub will be available this month at selected retailers for $199.99. While the price can be steep, the value of saving all those games and save files is second to none.

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