Xbox One X Downloads 4K Patches By Default

Xbox One X 4K machine

Microsoft’s newest console the Xbox One X will, according to IGN, download 4K patches to the system even if you have a 4K TV or not. The Xbox One X is touted as being a 4K machine that looks to give the highest console gaming experience.

If you missed out on the Xbox One X unveiling, it’s the new console joining the Xbox family that will play in native 4K, HDR, and hold vast amounts of performance to what is compared to a mid-range PC. Microsoft is pushing to have the most powerful gaming console on the market and the Xbox One X looks to be just that.

While Microsoft stated they will work with developers to minimize the size of these patches, they also stressed that they are patching assets that are appropriate for the consoles intended use. There is no exact word on how large these 4K patches will be, but it is to be assumed it will be significant.

As most Xbox One users know storage is always at a premium so this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. When the Xbox One X was released Seagate coincided it’s release of a branded external storage for the Xbox One to handle massive storage.

4K machine storage

It is understandable if some people are upset that they have no interest at this time to use the 4K functionality on the console, however Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One X as the 4K machine and as such, they want to make sure it runs 4K whether there is a 4K TV attached or not.

This may not be an ideal scenario for some, but with more and more reliance on downloadable titles, DLC and save files, external storage is a must rather than an optional accessory. Welcome to the future of gaming, internal storage is just for show rather than full time use.

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