Free-to-Play Zone in 'LEGO Universe' MMOG Now Open

LEGO Universe received mixed reviews upon it’s release in October of last year. Perhaps in an effort to bring in more players, LEGO Universe has opened a free-to-play zone as of today.

The free-to-play zone includes two adventure areas, access to other players’ properties as well as a virtual area to build for the player to build their own LEGO models.

Check out the LEGO Universe Free-to-Play trailer:
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Also available with the free-to-play area:

• Custom build one LEGO hero
• Interact with in-game friends
• Collect up to 10,000 coins
• Earn Universe Score to level up
• Play through The Venture Explorer
• Play through Avant Gardens
• Join the Nexus Force
• Sample Faction Gear
• Play the Survival mini-game
• Claim the Avant Gardens Block Yard Property
• Fight the Spider Queen
• Place LEGO models you have collected
• Build LEGO models of your own
• Bring LEGO models to life
• Visit thousands of other players’ Properties

LEGO Universe

There is no limit in the free-to-play zone and players can participate as long as they’d like.

Free-to-play members can upgrade to full membership which includes the content from free-to-play as well as over fifteen adventure zones, more than five property worlds, exapnsions, LEGO Ninjago content, competitions and community events. Upgrading membership to gain full access costs $10 a month.

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