Fanatical Five: Top 5 Bromances in Video Games

Sometimes, stories revolve around classic heroes. All powerful men and women that rise to the occasions before them, over coming hurdles and obstacles, as they fight for what is good and right. These heroes stand head and shoulders above those around them. Champions of the people, they’re idolized and revered. Other times, however, these heroes can’t do it alone. They need the support of those around them. Friends. Confidants. Bros.

The bromance is a magical relationship, usually between two men, that is built on trust and support. Your bro always has your back. Your bro is there no matter what type of adversarial situation you’re up against. Your bro is there for you. So now I give you: The 5 best Bromances in video games:


Number 5: Dart and Lavitz – Legend of Dragoon

Dart is a Mercenary with a troubled past. Lavitz is a ranking knight fighting for his King. These two meet during a prison break and are bros from the word go. Need to fight their way past a masochistic warden? he’s right behind you. Need a place to stay? Don’t worry, his mom’s making dinner, they got you. Girl hinting that she wants to spend time with you? Nah man, you and your bro have business to take care of.

I'll do you a solid, but just because it's you, bro.

This relationship is so noteworthy because it’s such a gigantic plot point. Shana, Dart’s love interest, continually makes comments about how she wishes she could have a relationship with Dart like the one Lavitz has. The love interest is jealous of your bro.

That’s some serious bromance…


Think nothing of it.


Number 4: Ramza and Mustadio – Final Fantasy Tactics

Ramza and Mustadio share an unexpected bromance. When the game begins, Ramza has a bro, and Mustadio isn’t even a foreshadowing. However as the game goes on, your bro burns you. How could he do that? You were bros. Doesn’t he know you’d have had his back? What’s going on? You’re lost and confused. Then out of nowhere, you meet Mustadio.

You save his life, and help him save his father from a band of ruffians. What can you say, you’re a stand up guy. And so is your new bro. He’s not just gonna take your help and say “thanks, man.” No, he recognizes that you’re in some serious need. His father can hold down the fort, he needs to go with you and straighten your shit out, like you did for him. This bro reciprocates.

He knows how you feel. He's been there too.

A true bromance begins to blossom. Mustadio is there for you when you didn’t think the word “bro” meant anything anymore.

This is a bromance goes deeper than the battlefield. Ramza and Mustadio aren’t just bros during plot important developments. They’re bros on their days off. They’re bros when they’re tinkering on side projects. Every sidequest in the game is a result of you and Mustadio’s bro adventurs, broventures if you will. Nifty hunk of metal? Ramza and Mustadio bro that into an awesome robobro. Sweet contraption, but what does it do? Ramza and Mustadio will bro in a sweet cameo bro to help you out. And like any good bro, they wingman for each other, while scoping out ladies at the bar.

He knows you'd jump the grenade for him if need be.


Number 3: Drake and Sully – Uncharted

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan didn’t start their relationship as bros. In fact, they began when Sully first took a young Drake in as a protege. As a seasoned thief, Sully teaches Drake the tricks of the trade, and the two form a close Mentor/student bond.

Seen above: Bro's agreeing to teach bros.

As Drake gets older, he and Sully become equals. Drake calls his own shots, and Sully relies on him just as he relies on Sully in return. Exemplary bro behavior. Drake and Sully compliment each other in a way that all good bros should. For every part of Drake that is reckless, there is a part of Sully that is level headed. For every part of Sully that is unsure, there is a part of Drake that is decisive.

"I'd give it an 8 or 9, Drake. I'd say go for it."

As the players follow Drake through his many adventures, they get to see how great of bros these two have really become. Even at the trilogies conclusion, where everyone else has abandoned their quest, Sully, despite doubting the wisdom of their course, Never once even insinuates that he wouldn’t stick by Drake till the end. Drake and Sully stand the test of time, and are truly life long bros.

Number 2: Shepard and Garrus – Mass Effect

Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian are two of the galaxy’s greatest heroes. Shepard is the first human Specter, Garrus is a C-Sec officer turned Mercenary turned Military Adviser. These two are battle bros. When you’re kicking as much ass as the the Normandy crew, you learn that you’ve got to trust the guy next to you to watch your back. Shepard and Garrus demonstrate this better than anyone.

These bros get shit DONE.

Shepard and Garrus have fought rogue Specters, synthetic armies, hyper advanced alien armadas, and more than anyone’s fair share of Reapers, and they don’t stop. At the end of each Mass Effect installment, the team is split up and Shepard finds herself having to reassemble a new squad. Any who is always there ready to go? Garrus is. Cuz this bro has your back. Even when Shepard was dead for 2 years Garrus was still ready to jump right back on board.

At the conclusion of their epic journey, Garrus and Shepard have one of the most touching moments in gaming history. And everything about it is so bromantic. If your death is inevitable, he wants you to know, he’s still buyin’.

"And if I'm in that bar, and you're not there. Know that I'll be looking down on you. That I've always got your back."



You know you’ve got a special relationship on your hands when the community of a game rechristens a character with the word “Bro” right their in his name. You and Sunbro (also known as Solaire) first meet when you find him, doing what else, admiring the Sun. Of course he is. A bro stands by his values. Your journey throughout the land of Lordran is a terrifying one. With villains and fiends around every corner, and death but moments away. But Sunbro always seems to be at the right spot at the right time. Lost in unfamiliar territory? There’s Sunbro, waiting by the campfire. Weary after battling a fierce dragon? Sunbro’s got this shrine all done up for you. God that was nice of him.

The way I see it, our fates appear to be intertwined.

But a Bromance is not a one way street. Your bro needs you just as much as you need your bro. As you travel down in to the depths of hell itself, your Sunbro starts to lose his way. He’s tired too man. Help a bro out. He needs you right now. His fate is in your hands, and you are honor bound by the bro code to be there for him. And even if you weren’t, you’d want to be there. Because you care about him. He’s your god damned bro for christ’s sake. You’re gonna hang him out to dry like that? I didn’t think so!

No way in hell you're turning back now.

You and Sunbro go through this adventure with a truly perfect bromantic relationship. The ups and the downs. The good times and the bad. He’s there for you when you’ve had just about enough of these fucking gargoyles, and in turn you’re there for him when he loses the guiding light of the sun.

You met Sunbro at the very outset of your journey, and if you have each other’s backs throughout the entire adventure, Sunbro is standing right by your side at the conclusion of all your trials. Staring down the guardian of the first ember with you. You and Sunbro aren’t just true bros, but you’re tried and tested bros. You might not make it. One of you might fall. But if your bonds of bromanship are unbendable, you’ll walk away with a greatness, like no bros have before you.




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