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Fangamer is a great place to shop for gaming related swag inspired by many of the communities favorite games. From clothing to jewelry, Fangamer has something for the gamer in you!

8 Bit Brit Fangamer | Golden Trinity Pendant
Fangamer | Golden Trinity Pendant

My personal favorite items from Fangamer are their Legend of Zelda inspired jewelry. Two of the necklaces were sent to me to check out and I must say they are more than just legendary. Each of the pieces of jewelry were crafted with the utmost care and design from the Fangamer team.

Fangamer | Antiqued Trinity Necklace
Antiqued Trinity Necklace

The Golden Trinity Pendant, is inspired but none other than the all mighty Triforce. This beautiful gold plated pendant resembles the Triforce but with somewhat of a Celtic flair. It’s gold, as it should be, and shines bright. The necklace costs $24.00 from Fangamer and is the perfect gift for the Triforce loving friend in your life.

“Burdened by the weight of responsibility, she grasps at the charm around her neck and dwells on the sage’s petition: to draw on the wisdom of her advisors, wielding the power of the monarchy with courage. She crosses the threshold and prepares to address her people…”

This version of the pendant comes on a gold chain and glistens with a golden fantastic shine. There is another version that comes with the pendant but it is on a soft leather cord. This one in my opinion shows the beauty that is the “Triforce” ahem… Trinity Pendant.

8 Bit Brit Fangamer | Small Key Necklace
Fangamer Small Key Necklace

The other necklace that was sent was the Small Key Necklace that is inspired but the dungeon keys in the Legend of Zelda series. We have all mindless scoured dungeons for keys to complete them, this… THIS Small Key is more unique than any other.

“This key can unlock doors, however, you can only use it in this area. It can keep all your other keys company though.”

Fangamer | Small Key Necklace
Small Key Necklace

It has a beautiful Triforce smack dab in the middle of the pendant. It is on a silver chain and is just awesome. I mean… awesome. It is absolutely my favorite necklace by Fangamer. It’s unique and you can’t find this in any random treasure chest. Only the treasure chest that is the site Fangamer and it only opens with an $18.00 purchase!

Honestly, (as I am always honest with you fine people…) Fangamer is one of my new favorite stores. They literally have an awesome assortment of gamer gifts, apparel and jewelry for anyone. There are endless unique gift ideas and you would truly be missing out if you didn’t check them out.

Photo source: Fangamer and 8 Bit Brit.


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