Fanatical Fashion | Video Game-Inspired Swimwear

Check out these amazing video game and pop culture swimwear pieces made by the highly recommended Etsy store fit2btiedclothing.

With the weather heating up, there’s no time like the present to invest in beautiful swimwear that showcases your interests to the word. Stay faithful to your favourite video games and television shows and let the world know who your favourite comic book character is. Fit2btiedclothing takes pop culture and enables you to flaunt what you love in a different way than the norm during your leisure time. Have a look at some of the swimwear here:

In order of the gallery, you can purchase these swimwear pieces here: Mass Effect; Batman; Zelda (two piece); Doctor Who (one piece); Assassins Creed; Wonder Women, Zelda (two piece with bandana top); Doctor Who (two piece); Harley Quinn and Rogue.

If you like fit2btiedclothing, make sure to let them know! You can check out the rest of the store here.

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