Eurogamer Expo 2012 to Have Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider at Developer Sessions

Gamers in the UK will have an opportunity to feast their eyes on Hitman: Absolution and Tomb Raider at this years Eurogamer Expo 2012. September 27th-30th, 2012, over 50,000 gamers are expected to attend the Eurogamer Expo in London’s Earls Court.  In addition to the excitement of the expected attendance, Square Enix Ltd. has announced that Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution will both form key parts of this year’s developer sessions schedule.

IO Interactive will be closing the first day of the Eurogamer Expo with an exclusive presentation of Hitman: Absolution‘s new online game mode “Contracts” which was just recently announced at Gamescom. Hitman: Absolution‘s closing presentation will be at 5:30pm on September 27th.

Crystal Dynamics, the developer of the Tomb Raider series, will be on stage at 1:30pm on September 30th, which will include an extended session of the “Crossroads” demo, giving attendees a look at a large chunk of the new Tomb Raider.

Square Enix will also have demos of Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution available to play on the show floor.

[quote]”Lara Croft is a British icon, so it seems fitting that crystal Dynamics should choose London’s Eurogamer Expo to give gamers an in-depth look at her latest adventure,” said Tom Bramwell, Operations Director of Eurogamer, “We’re also delighted to welcome IO Interactive and Hitman: Absolution back to the Eurogamer Expo to show us more of their exciting new gameplay mode!”[/quote]

2012’s Eurogamer Expo takes place September 27-30, 2012 at Earls Court, London, and will include more playable demos than ever including a chance for UK gamers to experience many for the first time. Tickets are currently on sale at

Hitman: Absolution is due out November 20th, 2012. Tomb Raider is due out March 5th, 2013.

Source: Eurogamer Expo

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