Dynasty Warriors 9 Story Detailed

Koei Tecmo has released a few details regarding the story mode set to be included in the newest chapter in the long running hack n’ slash action franchise: Dynasty Warriors.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will allow players to experience personal struggles and progression of their chosen character through the completion of both key and secondary events across real historical events, all while crossing paths with historical figures. Each mission can be tackled and completed in a wide variety of ways, giving players the chance to play as they so choose.

The game’s story mode will feature ten chapters retelling the story of the Three Kingdoms. Each chapter will be tweaked and reflect changes in the balance of power which is a direct result of the player’s actions throughout the adventure. The game will take players from the Yellow Turban Rebellion right up to the ultimate unification of China. Each of the ten chapters will bring players deeper into the impressive military and political machinations of the era.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the upcoming entry in one of the longest running gaming franchises. The series’ first entry came way back in 1987 and has spanned a handful of spin-offs such as Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends, Dynasty Warriors Empires, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors is another title that brought the hack n’ slash formula to the world of Zelda.

Developed by Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. No release timetable has been officially confirmed by Koei Tecmo. While you patiently wait, enjoy a handful of new screens!

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