Fear Effect Remake Announced

During this week’s Gamescom shenanigans, Square Enix Collective has announced a remake for PS1’s Fear Effect. Dubbed Fear Effect Reinvented, the game will be developed by Sushee and is a re-imagining 17 years in the making.

Sushee is same the same studio behind the upcoming Fear Effect Sedna; a new entry in the action game franchise, which was backed last year by thousands of players on Kickstarter. Following the successful crowdfunding project, Sushee went on to consider remaking the original title for a brand new generation of gamers.

Here’s what the founder of Sushee, Benjamin Anseaume, had to say about this announcement:

“As support for Fear Effect Sedna quickly built up steam, we realised how much love Fear Effect as a franchise still had amongst gamers. At the same time, we realized that as well as offering established fans something new with Sedna, it would be great to introduce fresh players to Fear Effect by remaking that first great adventure. Fear Effect Reinvented will capture the same spirit and atmosphere as the original game, but it’ll bring it into the present with drastically improved visuals, tweaked controls and other exciting extras. Fear not, however. Those original fixed camera angles will remain in place, albeit playing host to some brand new high-definition visuals.”

Fear Effect first saw the light of day on Sony’s original PlayStation platform way back in 2000. The game dropped players into Hong Kong as any one of three mercenaries – Hana, Deke, and Glas – as they hunt for the kidnapped daughter of a powerful Triad leader. Its full-motion video visuals made it stand out at the time.

Expect Fear Effect Reinvented to launch sometime next year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One via Square Enix Collective. Developer Sushee and publisher Forever Entertainment will reveal additional details in the coming months.

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