Deadpool Wants You to Pre-order His Game

Deadpool would really like it if you’d pre-order his game. So much in fact, that he’s giving away some bonuses to those who do so. First up, if you pre-order from Gamestop you will get the following: ‘Merc with a Map Pack’, two additional challenge maps and exclusive costumes to go with them. Also, a digital wallpaper featuring Cyclops. Wait, featuring Deadpool. Who else would it be? Lastly, the Gamestop with the most pre-orders will be host to a free midnight launch party by Activision with a special guest appearance by Deadpool himself! (Ryan Reynolds?)

On the otherhand, if you order from the online rain forest, you’ll get a $5 Amazon credit good for any Marvel comic book. But you’re gonna order Deadpool, right? Or Uncanny X-Force, that’s good too and has Deadpool in it. You also receive an exclusive digital wallpaper.

So, you gonna pre-order this awesomely awesome game featuring the Merc with the Mouth? Deadpool will be available on June 25th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Check back later for more Deadpool news. Also, be sure to check out The Comic Fanatic each week for your dose of Comic Reviews!

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