Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King is Now Live

The final of the three DLCs FromSoftware developed for Dark Souls II, Crown of the Ivory King is live on all platforms. Will you be able to conquer Drangleic’s latest adventure? If the difficulty ramp by the first two scenarios is any indicator, the guys at FromSoftware won’t be making it easy on you. It will be fairly easy on your wallet though, as the DLC is $9.99 USD on all platforms and is part of the Steam Dark Souls II season pass, which is $24.99 USD. Not bad for add-on scenarios received far better than the base game, which itself is a contender for Game of the Year.

Crown of the Ivory King
Stay frosty my friend. Okay, bad joke, but the Souls series is all about staying cool at all times.

Crown of the Ivory King takes place in a land covered by snow and adversity. Only the most determined and relentless Undead, with the keen eyes and patience will be able to survive a quest filled with never before seen enemies, traps, and bosses. The environment itself can be an enemy, hampering your line of site and concealing camouflaged foes. This is the final crown, so conquering all three will give players a final reward to show that they have truly surpassed the kings of old.

Crown of the Ivory King
The snow hides new and interesting enemies. Pay attention or they may just surprise you.

So far, the journeys to the Crown of the Sunken King and Crown of the Old Iron King have been fantastic scenarios that not only brought the difficulty fans have been craving, but level design aspects that are more akin to the original than the sequel. Level design was one of the biggest complaints of Dark Souls II so a move back to Dark Souls style was a welcome change. On top of that, the previous DLC release, Crown of the Old Iron King, had some of the absolute best boss battles in the entire game. Crown of the Ivory King has a lot to live up to, and with a fan base as rabid as Souls players, hopefully it can stack up.

Crown of the Ivory King
Roam the frozen kingdom of the Ivory King and conquer Drangleic’s last great challenge.

How do you feel about this new horrorr? The Game Fanatics are delving in and will have a review up soon, so keep an eye out for that, in the meantime check out our review of the previous DLC, Crown of the Old Iron King.

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