Cool gift ideas for the game junkies on your friend list

Lets admit it, we all have them. The guys who’d rather stay home and down a couple beers while getting a little 2v2 action on Reach than go to some lame club that reeks of hair spray and body fluids. Those who’d rather receive a faded Tri-Force hat than the latest thing to drop out of the Ed Hardy line. Yup, the game junkies. How can they be pleased this holiday season? How can you ensure that your gifts are not scorned and thrown in the corner of shame? Well have no fear, because I am here to provide to you a compass in these troubling waters.

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

So umm, what better place to start that with the self-proclaimed Ultimate Gaming Chair? This throne is feature-packed with 12 vibration motors that are synchronized with the games action, adjustable 3D stereo speakers, and the ability to connect a slew of peripherals from a home theatre system to steering wheels and custom controllers. Not to mention it’s all leather material, adjustable headrest, leg rest, and even a beverage and remote controller holder…and not to be overlooked is the built in massager. The $400 price tag should be nothing when you look at a potential entertainment sidekick in your possession.


Konnet Power Pyramid Combo

Of course with all the controllers you’ll be plugging in, you’ll need an uber cool way to charge them, right? And what if you have both a ps3 and a 360, and you want to charge them both, at the same time and on the same time?! [spoiler]Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?[/spoiler]

For multiple console owners, we have say that this is one awesome peripheral that’s going to solve all your needs. Say hello to the Konnet Power Pyramid Combo. It charges up to 4 PS3 and 360 controllers simultaneously. Need we say more? 50 bucks lands you this sweet toy.


Tron Legacy Controller

Are they going to sell these? Nope. Apparently there aren’t any plans to actually let us own these, and they’re just being used as marketing materials. Which, we’ll go on record as saying, “That’s ridiculous.” We want these, right now. Yesterday, in fact. And, even if they all do have the same aesthetic appeal, we’ll admit that we’re a bit more entranced by that Wii controller, is it shows off its lines a bit better than the other two peripherals. So, let’s sound off: maybe if we cry out loud enough, we can make something happen.


Tron Mouse and Keyboard

You are now being presented with some actual Tron peripherals that are more than mere marketing schemes. Razer has once again done their magic and present us with backlit, bluelit, fancy-pantsy gadgets. The devices are also said to ‘rez’ up and down when you power on and off. Tron is awesome and Razer are excellent hardware designers, so we’re certain this is a match made in heaven.


DARPA’s Humvee-copter

Now for those of you whose wallets are a little, no A LOT fatter than the rest, go ahead and take a look at this, the real life transformer of the 21st century. DARPA’s Transformer (also called TX) helicopter/Humvee vehicle can reach speeds of 65 mph on the ground and over 150 mph in the air. It’s made up of light weight composite and its fitted with anti-blast armor and ballistic-proof windows. For about the same price of a Ferrari, you also get anti-terrorism machine guns and cannons. Not a bad deal, if you can wait until the stated release date of 2015.

The Air Force’s PlayStation 3 supercomputer

You know, we’re such big teases, posting an item that you probably will never see in all 9 of your lives. It’s the 1,760 PlayStation 3 network created by the defense department, their fastest interactive computer. “Yes, the Air Force’s crazy PS3 computer consists of all those gaming consoles, stripped of their Blu-ray functionality, connected to 168 seperate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers. It’s used “for things like research into AI, fast processing of satellite pictures and the enhancement of radar.” And you thought just being able to playUncharted 2 was cool.”

Honorable Mentions:

R.A.T.9 Wireless Mouse

Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

Nunchuck to iPhone

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