March 2017 PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus

Can you guys believe it? It’s already March! But that doesn’t stop there with more great games coming out. With a plethora of new releases this month, let’s enjoy these free games that were revealed for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

March 2017 PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed

Disc Jam

PlayStation Plus - Disc Jam

First on the list of free PlayStation Plus games is Disc Jam. Developed and published by High Horse Entertainment, this game is a mix between air hockey and tennis. Played in a fast-paced third-person perspective, it’s a multiplayer game that consists of 2-4 players battling out. Players are maneuvering on the court to catch and throw a glowing disc against the other team obtaining special abilities as well. Whether it be against your own friends or online players, the game requires skills and strategy to beat your opponent. Do you think you have what it takes to beat your opponent? This game is for you!

Platform: PlayStation 4


PlayStation Plus - Lumo

Next up, we have Lumo. It’s an action-adventure game published by Rising Star Games and developed by Triple Eh? Ltd. It’s an adventure game where the player controls a magician named Lumo. As you maneuver him through various puzzles, the player can find secrets in over 400 rooms. The objective of the game is to move your character through narrow ledges and beams to reach the exit. Players can spend countless hours solving different puzzles. If you like a challenge to work your brain, this game is for you!

Platform: PlayStation 4, PS Vita

Tearaway Unfolded

PlayStation Plus - Tearaway Unfolded

To wrap up the PlayStation 4 games, Tearaway Unfolded is another adventure game that might interest you. Published by Sony Entertainment and developed by Media Molecule, this colorful papery world will leave you mesmerized. From the creators of LittleBigPlanet, they have the player controlling Iota who has great powers. The player must move her through this vibrant world that’s reimagined as your TV. Given these great powers, she then uses them to further her journey in completing a special delivery. Did you enjoy LittleBigPlanet? Then you will enjoy this game!

Platform: PlayStation 4

Earth Defense Force 2025

PlayStation Plus - Earth Defense Force 2025

Moving along to the PlayStation 3 games, let’s start with Earth Defense Force 2025. Published by D3 Publisher and developed by Sandlot (JP), you might enjoy this action shooting game. Players are able to choose their EDF soldier class that suits your style. The objective of the game is to equip your character with weapons to be able to get in elite training. After doing so, the player then will adventure out on several missions to exterminate insects threatening the planet. If you think you can protect the earth from this alien invasion, this game is for you!

Platform: PlayStation 3

Under Night: In-Birth Exe:Late

PlayStation Plus - Under Night: In-Birth

Last, but not least for the PS3 games is Under Night: In-Birth Exe:Late. This fighting game was published by Aksys Games and developed by French-Bread, Ecole and ARC System Works. Like any other fighting game, there is a backstory. There are many characters that may fit your playstyle. In order to find out the backstory, the objective of the game is to fight through multiple opponents to unlock their individual backgrounds. With the use of the GRD Transfer State gauge, battles can create quick overturns that may be in your favor. So, If you like fast-paced combat, this game is just for you!

Platform: PlayStation 3


PlayStation Plus - Severed

To finish up the lineup for March 2017’s PS Plus games, we have the game Severed on PS Vita. Published and developed by Drinkbox Studios, this role-playing game may be just for you. The player controls Sasha, a one-armed warrior through this RPG while wielding a live sword. While fighting through the nightmare in search of trying to find her family, you must solve puzzles, gather secrets and battle unpleasant monsters. Also, in furthering your adventure, the player must upgrade her battle tree and unlock abilities as well to conquer the nightmare. This is one unique RPG you don’t want to miss!

Platform: PS Vita

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