Comic Con 2012 | William Shatner and Roger Corman to Introduce EPIX Original Movies, Following Kevin Smith Moderated Panel

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Iconic captain of the Starship Enterprise William Shatner and SyFy movie producer Roger Corman will be sharing a stage at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, moderated by none other than cult film director Kevin Smith.

Both Shatner and Corman will be introducing two EPIX original movies after the discussion, each featuring a highlight among the works of their illustrious careers.

Get a Life!, a documentary based on Shatner’s book of the same name, takes its title from a line said by the legendary actor in his classic SNL skit. Astounded by the dedication of his “Trekkie” audience at a Star Trek Convention, he insists that the fanatics take up any another preoccupation.  The film gives its audience a superficial look at the relentless Star Trek fandom and its infamously ridiculed convention goers, eventually enlightening viewers with their Captain’s understanding of the passion that draws Spock-eared throngs to the sci-fi spectacle.

Roger Corman will be debuting his first 3D film, Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader, which continues his infamous genre of campy 50s thrillers and laughable low budget masterpieces such as Sharktopus and Dinocroc vs. Supergator. The movie tells a story of a college student who sacrifices her under-par existence for a better—and bigger—life. Co-producing with his wife Julie, fans will enjoy Corman’s work (which stars John Landis of Animal House and Ted Raimi of Spider-Man) also shown following his and Shatner’s time onstage.

Those unable to attend the annual San Diego gathering can catch the premiere of Get a Life! on July 28 at 8pm EST, and Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader on August 25 at 10 pm EST on EPIX.

More information on both releases and EPIX channel is available at

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