Choose Your Outcome in the New Until Dawn Trailer

Until Dawn trailer

The new Until Dawn trailer has released, showcasing the game’s decision-based approach you will ultimately see in just a few weeks.

The new trailer doesn’t show off any gameplay, but instead showcases some of the decisions you’ll need to make in order to survive throughout the story.

Until Dawn trailer
Krusty the Clown in his retirement years.

As the trailer takes you through the characters’ vacation home, words such as “evade, “fight,” “run,” and “leap” among many others pop-up onscreen for a decision to be made. This Heavy Rain style branching seems to offer the player opportunities to predict the killer’s next move and make their decision accordingly.

The Until Dawn trailer features their vacation home in disarray, portraying the setting of the game as the main characters fight for survival against a masked killer.

You can see the new Until Dawn trailer here:

The game’s new trailer doesn’t feature what seems to be any in-game footage. However, as each choice is made in the CGI trailer, we hear the outcome from a woman making those decisions to survive through sound effects and another branch of choices. The game revolves entirely around the players’ decisions and will result in the game going in different paths each play through, maybe even bringing different fates to the various members of your crew.

As this Until Dawn trailer shows, this game is a PlayStation exclusive and will release on PlayStation 4 on August 25. What do you think of the new trailer for the upcoming horror-survival title by Supermassive Games? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: The Sixth Axis)

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