Capcom Announces Resident Evil Online Service Resident Evil.Net

Capcom has announced an online service for Resident Evil 6 that features comprehensive stat tracking, social network linking, and organized events.

Resident is a free online service that will enhance your Resident Evil 6 game experience with additional features. These are:

  • Comprehensive stat tracking
  •        Enemies killed
  •        Weapons used
  •        Medals earned
  •        And more
  • Compare your game with those of friends and other Resident Evil 6 players around the world
  •         Link your status with Twitter & Facebook
  •         Share your latest achievements with friends
  •         Receive alerts when your high score has been beaten
  • Free Smartphone App to launch alongside the service
  •         Will support iOS, Android and Windows devices
  •         Earn RE.Net points just by connecting to the service or entering events
  • Exchange points for cool items including additional Mercenaries costumes or figures to place in your very own Resident Evil diorama
  •         Compete in regular organised events such as:
  •         Join fellow gamers to defeat a set number of enemies
  •         Aim for a high score in Mercenaries Mode
  •         Champion Belt events
  • Compete in these special events to win the ultimate accolade, the Champion’s Belt
  •         Can only be held by one player at any time
  •         Players will need to defend their title or watch it fall to another player

In addition to this, Resident Evil 6 has gone gold. Meaning it is all done and ready to go for its October 2nd release! So when the game launches, so does the Resident service.

Check out a video for the service below!

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=true share=true width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=high autostart=false /]


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