Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 | Collection 3 Chaos Pack Available on XBL

  • Torn.Soul

    This shit rocks!

  • AaronAlexander_

    Any word on the next DLC drop for Elite Members : ]

  • Matthew S

    I played almost all the WWII Call of Duties on the PS2, and loved the bolt actions. But when the new call of duties came out, they weren’t for PS2, so I got an Xbox 360. In these games I found that you had to use bolt actions with scopes, and I don’t like that. So I was wondering what is the most recent Call of Duty for Xbox 360 that has them.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    My job has given me a shift that is “on call”.
    I feel like they are making me set aside time out of the day for work, and then they might not pay me. I think that is bullsh*t! how do I get out of it without sounding as ignorant as this rant?

  • brincks26

    im hopeing it will have more maps and cooler game play r u exited or not really what r u looking for

  • josh12rox

    okay so if i buy call of duty elite right now will i get all of this years MW3’s dlc
    and also some of black ops 2 dlc???
    im on ps3 btw thanks xD

  • Keegan

    Can i still buy the call of duty black ops hardened edition , i really wanna get the zombie map pack lol.

  • zaclo

    I heard a few rumors about COD:Black Ops costing money separate to the already 20$ im paying for xbox live now im not sure so any input would be nice

  • Nathan B

    i bought it a while ago and i havnt used it much and i want to get the most money i can out of it, and make it reasonable, thanks
    its for ps3

  • Muzahid

    It’s rated M 18+
    Lots of teenagers play it. I understand that. They are more experienced and all with life and they know lots of swear words and are more Into it.
    But kids? I mean I know an 8 year old kid who’s allowed to play it. I know lots of them who can. My brother is allowed and he’s 9 and had played for 2 years. I also hate hearing little kids swearing into the microphone online. What’s with that? It makes them do violent in person. My 9 year old brother swears and is so violent ever since he played it. My mom hates how he is that way but keeps letting him play. When I was 9 I wasn’t allowed to play M rated games and I would get grounded for swearing. He is just told to stop.

    It’s the same with a 7 year old kids down the street having a phone and Facebook. It’s stupid and both those things should be waited for like jr high.

  • The Dark Knight

    Everytime I play Halo or Call Duty 4 on Xbox Live. I would talk to people and they would ask me if I was a girl. I’d say yes and they would all say I shouldn’t be playing this. What is wrong for a girl to play any games that boys play, it is not like we are trying to be like boys, we are just havin fun.

  • hank baseballs

    Explain why

  • Picean

    I want to absolutly destroy it any ideas? No offence call duty fans