Black Ops 2 Target Leak | Does this Put the Next Call of Duty Game Rumors to an End?

  • sunflash

    My interest has been perked

  • Elyn Patchman

    I am an amateur investor and seen that each time a merger rumor surfaces the stock price tag of the company rumored to be purchased out goes up. Currently there are rumors of Palm being purchased out and accordingly its stock price rose. What transpires to shareholders of PALM if they are purchased out by HTC? How do the investors that rushed to get PALM stock ahead of the merger reward from the merger? Any accurate information on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

  • Saundra Jarvie

    an individual started out a rumor about me and ive been telling absolutely everyone its not correct and they dont believe me!!! im wonderful to absolutely everyone so i dont get it!!!

    what should i do?!?!?!

  • Desmarais

    someone commenced a rumor about me and ive been telling every person its not true and they dont imagine me!!! im great to everybody so i dont get it!!!

    what must i do?!?!?!

  • Eberhard

    It Is essentially the very same recreation each 12 months and folks nonetheless get it , they never even care that it’s the identical game. I bet Activision laughing at all the individuals who bought their re-skin game.

  • Elinor Tuten

    It Can Be essentially the same sport each 12 months and individuals nonetheless purchase it , they do not even care that it can be the identical game. I wager Activision laughing at all the folks who acquired their re-skin game.

  • Louisa Ellman

    I have a PS3 and a PC, i enjoy activision games, which big ones are coming out this year?

  • Dollie Mccrystal

    This summertime the NBA playoffs have been paid to use Iron Male in their commercials. What did they use in the past?

  • Patsy Herring

    They have been conversing about it, and Activision stated it would like to/ and most likely will, commence charging men and women to play on the web with call of duty. I actually think i would try to boycott the game if that happened. What would you do?

  • Alejandra Fleishman

    I have a PS3 and a PC, i adore activision games, which large ones are coming out this year?

  • Kelli Shanklin

    Anyone else has heard anything about that? I just got a Facebook message from a friend saying Activision may kill the servers fod COD due to the recent wave of hacked lobbies on MW2, WAW, COD4, and possibly BO…

  • Tia Zuehlke

    I have a WII and was just wondering because Best Buy has the Activision – Band Hero super package for 149.99 (sale from 199.99) and RockBand is 199.99. This will be played on my 42″ tv. Please help…
    Does band heros play with RockBand at all?

  • Alejandra Fleishman

    It’s basically the same game each year and people still buy it , they don’t even care that it’s the same game. I bet Activision laughing at all the people who bought their re-skin game.

  • mrankinmatt

    How does the 2010 NBA Playoffs work as far as a team going to the Championship?

  • isk8at818

    which is better? im personally favoring halo right now but i need to decide between halo4 and iron wolf (black ops2) soon….help

  • Erfan

    Ill got it early so i was wondering that if ill play ill would get banned

  • Beavis

    What is the relationship between Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Activision? I was just curious because I know that all 3 are related to the COD series and I was wondering who has the final say in what goes into the COD games?
    I thought that Activision was involved in every COD game. It appears that Infinity Ward and Treyarch switch every time, but Activision is in the loading screen every time. So what is the relationship between the 3 companies?

  • Brendan O

    basicly what it says i was. i was banned from black ops and i was wondering does that mean im going to be banned from black ops2 servers as well, now before you say i shouldnt hack i didn’t do anyhting i was banned from reports of boosting and in game cheating (i was not).

  • Melanie

    I really want the game black ops2 and don’t no when it is coming.

  • Motordom

    Well for example the game industry

    Lets take Activision and Treyarch/IW for example…
    they make their games

    And we buy their games most of it goes to them right? How about 25 years after…if you buy old CoD games does the money still go to them?

    Im thinking of buying 10 copies of Black ops2 I bought 8 copies of mw3 and 4 copies of mw2 and 7 copies of black ops.

    So Im deciding to buy more other copies, but I really want to support Activision and the CoD franchise.

  • JimT

    In wich of the call of duty will it bring the black ops 2 game. Will it bring it on the care package or the hardened adition thanks for the support?