Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Gets Launch Trailer

More Battlefield 3 is on the way, and that’s a very good thing. Electronic Arts released a trailer today detailing the Aftermath DLC expansion pack coming to Battlefield 3. It includes four new multiplayer maps, a new weapon in the Crossbow, a new “Scavenger” mode where players start off with only a pistol and are forced to forage for more powerful weapons, new vehicles and more.

This is the fourth out of five planned DLC expansions for Battlefield 3; the final piece, called “End Game,” comes out in March 2013. EA hasn’t said much about it, but from the image associated with it, expect motorcycles.

The release is somewhat staggered; if you’re a Battlefield 3 Premium member on PS3, you can download Aftermath right now. Premium Xbox 360 and PC users get it on December 4th. Regular PS3 users will have access on December 11th. Everyone else will be able to download the expansion on December 18th.

Premium members get it for free; otherwise, it costs $14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points, since Microsoft uses their unique form of currency.

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