Arkham City Details Uncovered in Detective-Like Fashion

One of the most magical things about the Internet is that people who are really interested in things can share that information with other interested people. For example, Arkham City fansite has got their hands on a translated version of Brazilian game magazine GameVicio’s latest coverage of this highly anticipated and delicious-looking sequel.

Some of the more juicy tidbits include that Batman is now able to climb anywhere and on all objects, in a manner similar to Assassin’s Creed, as well as leaping through windows and sliding down ramps. He can also dodge bullets, and – get this – use gadgets while moving. All of these things sound like just the sort of tactics and strategy one is going to need to get around a city populated entirely by insane thugs, so it’s good that Rocksteady
are looking after our safety.

Batman also has a new arsenal of moves which allow him to hit multiple people at once and juggle them in the air, as well as punching them from various angles in the tradtional world’s-greatest-detective fashion. We can only watch in delight as the Batman of the video games moves closer to the Batman of the comic books in his ability to perform ridiculous feats of mental and physical aptitude.

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