The Audeze Penrose is a Next-Gen Wireless Gaming Headset Designed for Audiophiles

The Audeze Penrose headset is bringing high-quality sound to the next generation of consoles.

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Lucid Sound LS10P

The Lucid Sound LS10 Headset Delivers Bang for the Buck

Even though Lucid Sound is new to the gaming headset arena, they have been making a splash when it comes to the quality of their …

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Astro A50

The Astro A50 is a Beast

Astro has really taken the gaming peripheral market by storm over the last few years. They are one of the biggest names when it comes …

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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Feel Free to Get Messy with the Razer ‘Ultimate’ Keyboard

Razer has a new dust and water resistant mechanical keyboard.

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Thermaltake’s New Chair is Cool – Literally

Thermaltake has developed a new chair that will cool you off.

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Fanatical Five | 2014 Gaming Peripherals To Game Right With This Year

Gaming is platform-agnostic. From your mobile device to a PC or console, most gadgets offers a satisfying gaming experience. There are countless titles out there …

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MSI Unveils Slider S20 Ultrabook

MSI‘s sleek new Slider S20 Ultrabook will be part of the company’s showcase at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Finally Gets European Release Date

Sony have confirmed that the Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy will be coming to Europe on June 27th.

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Arkham City Details Uncovered in Detective-Like Fashion

If you were wondering what Rocksteady are doing to Batman to upgrade him and prepare him for his Arkham City sequel, then wonder no more. Thanks to some truly Batman-like detective work and a handy translator, some of his bigge…

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