Could An Xbox One Media Remote Control Be Coming Next Month?

An accidental posting showed up on Amazon Canada’s website giving us a glimpse of a new accessory slated for the Xbox One. We know this isn’t the first time Microsoft has released remote accessories for their gaming consoles but this one looks a good deal more simplistic than their previous generations.

The remote appears to have only basic functionality, but that may be all we need from a device such as this. The Xbox One comes with a Kinect for voice and gesture control, and there’s also the Xbox SmartGlass companion for smart phone and tablet users.

There have been a number of complaints about how inconsistent the gesture controls can be when using the Kinect to browse media and this remote could put an end to them.  Combine the limited functionality of the remote with the voice control of the Kinect and you could wind up with an excellent pairing.

The Amazon page has since been taken down but it’s been noted that the remote was listed at $24.99 and with a release date set for March 4th.

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