WWE '12 Servers Still Broken, THQ's Response

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    ’tis a shame.

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    Great article!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to wait atleast a month after WWE 13′ comes out so i can hear player reviews on how the game is…since every website bragged that this game was so great and turned out horrible I am not going by that again

    WWE needs to drop THQ the game reeks of lazyness and lack of wrestling knowledge…I am fine with a company failing if it is because of that company’s own incompetence…THQ is failing because they are not good at making video games and are in the buissness of making video games….that is capitalism…strong companys survive while weak ones fade away….and THQ is a weak company in terms of quality

  • Johnny Price

    I not too long ago acquired “Power Rangers DinoThunder” for PS2 for my 5 yr outdated and when we brought the sport residence it just states ” NO DATA” I returned the game for one more and very same problem. The recreation cd it blue on the again which I have never ever seen and the video game is a THQ wich we have in no way bought. Can anybody please help?

  • victoria tais

    As most of you know, In recreation XMB and Customized Tracks are coming with the release of Firmware 2.4 for the PS3. Is it probably for THQ to patch up Smackdown vs Uncooked 2008 to empower Custom Music?

  • Noemi Madero

    “THQ has declared that they will be releasing the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw Superstar Collection for the PS2 system, retailing for $29.99. The three-game set will consist of the unique SmackDown vs. Raw in addition to the SDvR 2006 and the SDvR 2007 editions”
    -whats that mean?
    thanx the excellent one!

  • Sonia Gourley

    following all thq’s wwe license runs out at the end of this 12 months and let us not forget back again when thq ended up generating wcw game titles then all of a sudden they had wwe and made wrestlemania 2000 which was similar to wcw/nwo revenge

  • Desmarais

    “THQ has announced that they will be releasing the WWE SmackDown vs. Uncooked Superstar Collection for the PS2 system, retailing for $29.99. The three-game set will consist of the authentic SmackDown vs. Uncooked in addition to the SDvR 2006 and the SDvR 2007 editions”
    -whats that mean?
    thanx the fantastic one!

  • Lorrie Lauro

    I’m browsing for details on what I Would require for a task at the video Game Business THQ, does anyone know what I Would want Higher Education wise or company wise. For added information I Would like to function with their Wrestling Video Games branch, if that helps.

  • Amy Lemaster

    I want to know if Sin Cara or KHARMA even now received time to be in Smackdown vs Uncooked 2012, at least as a DLC.

  • Anonymous

    The game needs crispier cymbals.

  • Paul M

    I want to send a mail to THQ the gaming company but I dont know the address can any one help please?
    Is therea any new wwe game out for ps2,,yes for ps2 not for ps3?

  • blarg blarg

    BQ:What will your storyline be?

  • Daniel

    Okay say THQ (the creator of the SvR Series and the new WWE Series) made TNA Impact 2 whey have the current TNA Roster including Divas plus a few extras like: Homicide, Petey Williams, Shark Boy, would you buy it?

  • Death Knight

    I have had a really brilliant idea for an EA Game and I really really would love to contact them and tell them about it. Which in your opinion would be the best way of doing so? Also if my idea became successful would I be paid for thinking it up?
    Thank You. ( :

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    Will an EA set up a better payment plan with the IRS for me or can I do that on my own? You are given the repayment options and all the choices or an EA knows how to set up a better one? Negotiate interest and penalties?

  • Jonathan

    in your answer please include Growth of EA and Maxis and The marketing of the orginal Sims Pc game and others.

  • Austin

    i need to make video highlight on madden 10 because i’ve been doing awesome plays, but i don’t know how to make a highlight. can some one explain to me in steps how to make an ea sports video highlight of a good plays.

  • Jason

    How can you determine the competence of an EA over a CPA or attorney and come to the conclusion an EA is more competent?

  • skychi99

    I want to know what is the starting salary of a fresher Quality Tester in EA Mobile, Hyderabad, If any one know please answer this. Thanks in advance.

  • ConfusionnaJob

    I’ve already registered to EA and it’s not the servers. When I select “join game” after selecting the “quick match” option the system would search for games and then say “We couldn’t find any games, please try agian; it’s been going on for days now.

    What can I do to fix this.
    It’s not the servers.
    Already registered to EA.
    System: Xbox 360

  • Caltel T

    I bought a new computer, and I’d like to transfer my data from the Sims 2 onto it, as I’ve worked rather hard on it. The current flash drive I have isn’t big to hold it. I’m transferring the entire EA Games folder, not just the neighborhoods, as I’ve got a good amoount of custom content in there. How big of a flash drive do I need? Any help would be appreciated!

  • lucasg615

    I am trying to create a ea online account and it says my code is rather no longer valid or mispelled. I know i havent mispelled anything. Are there any glitches at all?

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    Well I have it in my mind that when a game looks really good like the sims 3, that there’s this huge percent that the game will suck! Like when Fallout 3 first came out I was thinking oh crap what if it sucks. So what are the chances that EA can really screw up the sims 3?

  • sean

    i need to update my sims 3 game but when i installed the game i didn’t get the ea download manager so now every time i try to update my game on the launcher it says “Unable to connect to EA Download Manager”. is there any other way to get the ea download manager without having to uninstall then reinstall? Thanks!

  • tjpimpin

    i am planning on ordering a game on the ea download website but it is a pre-order. how will i be notified that i can download my game and will i be able to burn the installation on a disc?

  • United

    I have an EA Falcon that has been cutting out at unusual times, when simly driving along, when sitting at lights with the engine at idel. At times the engine will simply restart while at others I mst sit there for five minutes before it will start again. I have had all of the leads replaced, together with the distributor cap and rotor, but the problem is continuing. 4 mechanics have not been able to diagnose the problem.

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Because their headquarters is only few minutes away from our house and I want games.

  • turg143

    i want to know if i can reccomend ideas to ea sports for there new game fifa 10. ive realised its too late but would it be the same way for fifa 11?

  • Jenna

    I just got Battlefield 3 a few days ago and I went to register my Battlelog thing, but it said that I don’t own Battlefield 3. So, I signed in to my EA account on EA’s website and found out that it dosen’t know my gamertag. I did some investigating and found out that it should automatically link the accounts. My only problem is that my accounts aren’t linked. How can i fix this problem?

  • David

    How do I get my old EA downloads onto the new Origin powered by EA?
    I was going to write down the registration codes for all of my games when it asked to update the EA Download Manager. When I did EA turned into Origin. In Origin I tryed to access my downloads but they were gone! How do I get them back? I had alot of paid for games on there and ive lost the codes.

  • nyyankees1123

    I want to play and I know that on some EA Sports Games you need an account to play online…Also, is making an account on EA Sports website the same as making an account on the game itself?I want to buy the game but I just have some questions about it before I buy it.

  • fattiemanny

    I will be getting a new computer soon, and I need to be able to transfer my downloaded games from EA store to disk. I really don’t want to have to wait all that time for The Sims 2 and 3 base games plus expansion packs to finish downloading. Please help me out. Also, I need to know what type of blank disc I should be using.

  • Mak Sultan

    Whenever I try to join my friend over XboxLIVE on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 it tells me that it couldn’t connect to EA online.
    I can join regular games fine but it’s just when I try to join my friends game that this happens.
    Any advice to offer?

  • D3ZZY

    Where would i find my serial code for registering Sims 3. (I direct downloaded it from ea download manager, so i don’t have a box with the code on the back.) on the Sims 3 website i need the serial code so I’m able to use the exchange.

  • Thomas A

    I just got the game and it won’t log into ea, it keeps saying try again later. I checked the connection settings on my ps3 and its connected to the internet so what’s the problem?

  • stingerms

    On FIFA 12 whenever I try and sign in it automatically tries to sign into my old EA account. (which no longer works)

    So my question is how do I change the EA account I sign into when trying to go online.

  • Agent 47

    Like now days when I play a new game made by EA they always ask you for a code to play on xbox live and if you don’t have the code you can’t play WTF! EA is trying to force gamers to buy brand new games instead of used games because of their stupid pass codes. Why? Can anyone explain EA Games’ reasoning behind this?

  • Armas

    I love the realism EA brings to sports and the detail to shooting Activision gave COD 4. A new paintball game would be awesome. I know paintball video games aren’t exactly popular but I think if they actually come out w/ a good one, people will buy it, I know i will. NPPL championship paintball looks fun but it did get a 4.9 on IGN. Who here agrees?

  • David

    On an old computer, i bought the sims 3. Now, i want to play it again. So, i installed origin and looked to see if my order was still there (using the same account that i was logged into when i bought the game). It wasn’t. So, i went onto the EA website and pretended like i was going to buy the game. When i pressed add to cart, it said that i had already bought it. How do I reinstall it on my new computer?

  • nathan

    EA already has us paying 40 or 20 dollars for expansion and stuff packs, but they’re so greedy that they still make us buy the sims 3 custom content online and now they’ve made an update that prevents people from using torrents to get what we should have gotten for free in the first place.