What We Played During Week 19

Welcome to Press Start (What We Played)! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics have played during this past week. What did you game?

Joel: Jumped back into Guild Wars 2 and have really been enjoying my new engineer. Played some World vs World and got him to level 5 in a matter of an hour. Thanks to Playstation Plus I will be playing Sleeping Dogs for free as soon as my download finishes up.

Jen: Finally got off of Hoth (again) in Star Wars the Old Republic and I’ve recently ding’d at level 41 with my Sith (light side) sorcerer. Got a bit of a DDR workout this week by playing Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 and Dance Dance Revolution Max 2. This is why I keep my Ps2 around. I can’t use my dance pad on the Ps3 and this current gen seriously lacked good DDR games. Shame its all Kinect, Move and Wii U now. Give me a dance pad to slip on any day. Rather have that than jumping around and making funny movements at the television.

William: Just finished Pandora’s Tower. It’s basically Zelda meets SotC, but worse, and the protagonist is autistic. Like, literally. He’s not a silent protagonist, he just seems to have a really hard time expressing himself to other people. Other than that, the game was fairly solid, though I didn’t earn the best ending. Now? Back to League of Legends or KotoR until maybe Metro releases?

Greg: My gaming has been all over the place, but mostly been playing KOTOR 2 and Mass Effect 2. Been kinda in a slump since I beat Bioshock, trying to find something to hook me good. Also, waiting for Steam’s summer sale with my recently upgraded computer so I can buy a bunch of games that’ll sit in my queue to someday play.

Henry: Played through the Fuse demo and I have mixed feelings about it. EA is written all over it and the game is caught between a lot of ideas. I’ve also become reacquainted with DC Universe Online after playing it when it first launched. Its still not the prettiest game, but patches have certainly stabilized it, making it a solid game, fun game to pass the time with.

Jeff: I finished Portal 2‘s co-op mode, and I couldn’t be happier with it. The advanced chambers especially gave us a really fun time.

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