New Guild Wars 2 Living World Season Comes Out of the Shadows

Look out lore-hogs and plot-connoisseurs, a new Guild Wars 2 Living World season is coming.

The title of this next installment is Out of the Shadows. Noting the manner in which much of Guild Wars 2’s end-game content is released, it is aptly named. I do seem to often find myself itching to know what might happen next.

There are many of us who cycle through multiple games — in hopes of quelling our rampant gaming ADHD. We can recall the Heart of Thorns release, as if it were yesterday. However, there are many more dedicated Guild Wars 2 fans who feel as if this took a decade and a blue moon to arrive.

Your impatience is duly noted, friends. However, it is just as important to note that a game with seasons is just like a TV show. For timing and release, season-based shows are very clear in what to expect. Cliffhangers always keep you coming back. And, if you really don’t like the suspense, do what my grandmother does: When the final season comes out on DVD/Blu-ray, buy everything and watch it all at once.


Other than its upcoming release, there is some more good news. As with other Living World releases, new weapons skins and armors are expected to be just around the corner. Guild Wars 2 has been known to “jazz up” their wardrobe, from time to time. We’ve seen the release and return of holiday costumes, and special sets of Christmas and Valentine’s Day weapons.

Some better news is that Out of the Shadows is not just the start of a new adventure, but directly follows Heart of Thorns. Thus, purchasing the expansion gives you free access to Season 3 of the Living World.

All things aside, the best news is for those who haven’t bought the expansion yet. From July 20-27th, the Heart of Thorns expansion will be on sale for 50% off. To take advantage of this, you can visit the shop here.

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